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In Search of Excellence

Our annual award salutes engineers who are making a difference right now

Roz Clark

In the Dec. 8 issue of Radio World we salute one of the industry’s top engineers, Roz Clark. (Read our full story about him and his accomplishments.)

It’s hard for me to believe, but Radio World has now been recognizing outstanding radio engineers for 18 years. Some awards tend to be given to recipients at the end of their career and understandably so. But when our publisher John Casey and I created the Radio World Excellence in Engineering Award, we wanted not only to honor technologists but to focus on those who are doing good work right now in the industry.

I hope we’ve lived up to that. 

Making my annual phone call to notify a recipient is one of the best parts of my job. I’m also proud of our circle of recipients. They include some of engineering’s leading names, chosen at the peak of their careers, as well as some who were “on the way up.” And I appreciate the camaraderie that I’ve seen grow between our past honorees. 

This time of year can be a little bittersweet, because I remember making those calls to friends who have since passed away, namely John Lyons and Barry Thomas. 

But if John were here, I know exactly what he would do now. He would bust on me for being “follicly challenged,” just like himself; he would compliment me on our choice this year; and then he would call or email Roz Clark and tell him: “Congratulations to Number 18 from Number 3! Welcome to the family!”

If you have someone in mind who deserves to be considered in the future, I welcome your suggestion. Email me at [email protected].

Happy holiday season!