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The Nighttime Beckons

A lovely photo by Mike Pappas captures some of the romance of radio

Radio World loves to receive photographs that capture the allure of radio.

Mike Pappas, VP of business development for Orban, took this picture at the five-tower site of WCTS(AM) in Maplewood, Minn., outside of the city of St. Paul. 

The station, 50 kW by day, 4 kW at night, is licensed to the Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis and is heard on 1030 kHz.

Like many romances, Mike’s photo shoot had to be cut short. “I was being eaten alive by the Minnesota state bird, the mosquito. FedEx could have used them to deliver freight. That site is ‘wet.’ I left the car running because if it didn’t start they would have carried me off to their lair.” 

Bug bites notwithstanding, we love this picture. The deepening evening sky, the silhouettes of AM towers, the lights coming on, the cozy transmitter building tell their own tale, in their own language, for radio people who know how to listen.

We welcome your own photos that capture the wonder of radio. Email [email protected].

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