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Isn’t That What Radio Is About?

Last year was our best year ever; 2009 will be better.

Your Sept. 1 front-page article “Is AM Radio Still Relevant?” concerns me.

Our family-owned AM stations in North Carolina, WLOE, Eden and WMYN, Mayodan, continue to do well. WLOE signed on the air in 1946, WMYN in 1953. I’ve been here since 1972.

Last year was our best year ever; 2009 will be better. Our niche programming, local talk shows, news and community involvement Monday–Friday and 50+ regional Christian programs on Saturday and Sunday contribute to our success. We’re the only full-service stations in the market.

My wife Annette and I do a 9 a.m. “Information Hour” weekday mornings, filled with hometown happenings. Live and local. Longtime listeners tell us we’re “like a member of the family.”

We stream all of our local programs, about 40 hours weekly, at, and continue to see increases in our local, national and international audience.

Next year will mark my 50th year in radio. I went on the air in July 1960, a few weeks after my 13th birthday, at WSAT in Salisbury, N.C. I believe in our stations, and still love this business!

No, we don’t have a million listeners or dollars, but we do provide a valuable service for loyal listeners and advertisers, and isn’t that what radio is all about?

Mike Moore
General Manager
WMYN(AM) Madison/Mayodan, N.C.
WLOE(AM) Eden/Reidsville, N.C.