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It’s the Content, Not the Gear

I don’t want a “wall” of equipment because that’s not necessary to deliver radio like it should be.
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Funding for public broadcasting (“PTFP Shutdown Leaves Pubcasters Scrambling,” July 1) is a legitimate story but perhaps I see it in a different light.

As an owner of a standalone AM station in a less-than-wealthy market, I can hardly lean against a “wall” of expensive equipment like in the photo. I just think, “Where’s my free emergency generator?” — not that I should be entitled to one. But hey, everyone’s got their hand out.

The truth is, I don’t want a “wall” of equipment because that’s not necessary to deliver radio like it should be. You’d be surprised at how little equipment is required to deliver “Live radio, real people, in real time” (our slogan) with a quality audio stream, where content is what matters and we can think and judge music on its artistic and emotional impact.

Maybe radio can’t or shouldn’t go back to the late ’50s and ’60s, but we have pulled the best operating ideas from that era. We are vindicated when a traveler from North Carolina holds our signal from mile marker 181 to 108 on I-95 in South Carolina and makes the effort to call and say, “Best radio I’ve heard in years.” As many have said, “It’s the content stupid.”

Money and equipment don’t make good radio.

Jim Jenkins
Owner/General Manager
WAGS Radio
Bishopville, S.C.


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