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Letter: More Thoughts on the FCC’s (Now Extinct) First Class License

John David reminisces about his first radio gig in college

Radio World invites industry-oriented commentaries and responses. Send to Radio World. Below, the author responds to “Buc” Fitch’s article, “The Demise of the First Phone.”

When I was in college at Oklahoma State University, I got a job at KOMA in Oklahoma City. It was a 50,000 watt three tower directional and everyone who worked there as a jock had to have a first class license or have someone with them that did.

So, I went to Elkins Institute in Dallas and learned the test answers basically. Best investment I ever made since it helped pay my college expenses.

The KOMA transmitter at the time was actually on two levels and had water cooled tubes. I was afraid to get near it but, I knew how to switch the pattern at sunset and sunrise.

– John David
Former NAB Radio EVP

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