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Letter: Reminiscing About the FCC First Class Radiotelephone License

Hemphill shares some fond memories about the now-redundant license

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I really enjoyed reading “Buc” Fitch’s article, “The Demise of the First Phone.” I was saddened, when my last FCC First Class Radiotelephone License had expired (in 1986), and was replaced by the “General Radiotelephone Certificate.”

I remember how hard that I had worked, and studied, to earn that original License, back when I was still a high school student. In fact, I still keep my framed, expired ORIGINAL FCC First Class License, on my office wall, ABOVE my “General” License!

I also remember the “license walls,” in broadcast stations. The first “license wall” that I ever saw, was the one at my high school FM radio station, WHHS(FM), that was organized by the station’s technical adviser, Charlie Higgins. WHHS(FM) was the first Class D FM station licensed to a high school in the nation.

Thanks, “Buc”, for bringing back the fond, and somewhat sad, memories!


Steve Hemphill
Owner and Licensee of WA2XMN
Major Armstrong’s Memorial FM Broadcast Station
Alpine, N.J.

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