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Letter: When It Comes to AM in Cars, Let the Consumer Decide

Perhaps the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act should be amended, says a reader

In this letter to the editor, the author comments the story “Attempt to Pass AM for Every Vehicle Act in Senate Falls Short.” Read the latest update (“AM Radio Gets House Hearing”) here. Comment on this or any article. Email [email protected].

Dear Editor,

In response to Sen. Rand Paul’s objection to the AM mandate as reported here: I wonder if I am missing something by proposing that the act be amended to mandate AM radio as an option, giving the consumer a choice.

Car and truck buyers can ask that AM reception be added at an additional cost, probably at most $1000 for extreme RFI cases found in EVs. But since the average price of a new EV is many tens of thousands of dollars, an additional $1K does not seem like much of an extravagance.

Of course for ICE vehicles the cost would likely be much less due to a diminished RFI problem with those motors.

AM could be added in at the dealer, or as a factory ordered option; those who don’t care don’t have to get it and those who want AM can have it. Everyone is happy right? Is there a problem with this?

— Rob Atkinson, St. Charles Ill.

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