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Letters: AM in EVs, and Genset Mandates

Paul Sagi and Mark Carbonaro weigh in

These are among the latest letters to the editor of Radio World. (Read more letters.) Submit letters to [email protected].

AMs in Electric Vehicles

Regarding Pooja Nair’s commentary “Control EMI, Don’t Dump AM Receivers”:

I don’t see a reversal of the trend unless the FCC demands Part 15 compliance of EVs. 

It’s cheaper to omit an AM unit than to design and install filters. 

Filters, although not very heavy, do add weight, and adding weight reduces range.

On second thought, SDR might rescue AM in EVs by allowing algorithmic filters tuned to reject the particular EMI spectrum of each model of EV, instead of physical filters on noise-generating sections of EVs.

There’s a cost though to EV manufacturers. They would initially need a spectrum analyzer and someone to program filters, after which firmware would be updated on a production line. 

Is there enough consumer demand for AM radios in EVs that car manufacturers would be willing to accept the costs?

Paul Sagi


Let’s Be Realistic

As Tom Taggart pointed out in his commentary “A Genset Mandate? Only if Uncle Sam Pays”, financial obstacles will prevent many smaller-market broadcasters from meeting any FCC genset mandate.

I might add that local and state planning and air quality authorities will also get in the way.  

In California, anti-fossil fuel zealots have been able to enact rules administratively precluding new installations of permanent gasoline and diesel generators.  

In my county of Monterey, you cannot get an operating permit for those kinds of generators from our local air pollution control district. And now we see there’s a move to ban the use of natural gas and propane in many areas of this state.  

The only two ways a genset requirement from the FCC will work in smaller markets is, one, for the feds to pick up the tab for the equipment and installation, and two, issue a mandate that can trump any and all state or local laws against the installation and operation of this equipment. 

Mark Carbonaro 

Monterey, Calif.