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AEQ Outfits CV Radio in Valencia

Here's what it looks like inside

CV Radio Valencian main studio
Guests in the main studio. The furniture provides space for up to five guests. Each position includes an AEQ HB-02 controller, providing connections for a guest microphone and headphones with volume control.

Here’s a peek inside new studios of CV Radio in Valencia, Spain.

Manufacturer AEQ shared photos and details about this turnkey project.

There are three studio rooms. Main control is equipped with a digital modular AEQ Forum mixer with 12 faders on the desk, while an AEQ Capitol IP compact digital mixer was installed in the “self-control” studio. Studios connect with AoIP using Dante.

“All studios are interconnected together by means of a Gigabit Ethernet network carrying the Audio over IP,” AEQ wrote in a project summary.

“Forum sends and receives 32 audio signals. Capitol IP manages 16 channels. Two PCs running AudioPlus radio automation software are also part of the audio network. This way, all multi-pair wiring between studios is eliminated while flexibility is drastically enhanced.”

CV Radio, Valencian booth view
Booth view into the interview area.

Each studio can record and broadcast at the same time, although usually the self-control studio is for recording while main control is used for broadcasting.

In both cases, the AEQ mixers allow routing of a particular signal over a dedicated path in order to send the on-air program signal. Thus the signal provided by AEQ AudioPlus automation system can be sent on-air, and the two studios are released for recording tasks while a playout list is being broadcast.

An exterior rack holds AudioPlus servers, Venus IP audiocodec, Ethernet switches and radio links to send the program signal to its transmission center.

Content is managed by the AudioPlus automation system, and a continuity system records audio channels 24 hours a day, from which excerpts can be extracted. An AEQ Phoenix Venus codec in the studio pairs with an AEQ Alio codec in an OB van for remote work.

Recording studio, with main studio and control visible in rear.

The project was lead by Bernardo Saiz, AEQ’s sales area manager for the Valencian community, in coordination with CV Radio technical services.

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