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Chile’s Radio Rancagua Purchases AEQ Phoenix Alio

Rackmounted audio codec has been installed in the station’s studios for outdoor reporting

In an effort to boost its outdoor reporting capabilities, Radio Rancagua in Chile has announced it has purchased the AEQ Phoenix Alio system; this includes the installation of the AEQ Phoenix Mercury rackmounted audio codec in the station’s studios.

Alio is an AEQ portable IP codec that can be connected to many codecs from other manufacturers since it is EBU N ACIP Tech 3326 compliant, explains AEQ. When connected to an AEQ codec, however, an exclusive set of communication features and control tools can be used.

AEQ Alio allows the connection of four microphones, two stereo headphones and a stereo line input and output. Microphone inputs can be equalized, providing tonal improvement of the commentator’s voice and attenuation of ambient noise.

Radio Rancagua reporters will be utilizing the new codec to help report from the Congress Palace, football stadiums or press conferences.