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College Stations Send Audio Support to Ukraine

Foundation gathered messages from more than 50 stations

The College Radio Foundation said more than 50 stations around the world took part in a hastily organized audio event to show support for students and others in Ukraine.

Rob Quicke, founder of the foundation, invited messages of support that were then combined into a produced piece to be sent to the Ukrainians the next day.

“It was a truly international coalition of love and support,” Quicke said in an announcement.

The piece has been posted to SoundCloud.

He contacted OstRadio in Ostroh and STUD Radio in Lviv with the material.

OstRadio journalist Diana Khokhonik replied, “The only thing left for us is to remain calm and not to panic, to pray to God, to believe in the army that protects us, to protect our health and life. Ukraine wants a peaceful sky over its head!”

Roman Zajac, head of STUD Radio, said the station shared the audio with other universities.

“Zajac then coordinated a response from his students involved with student radio who live across Ukraine, including Lviv, Chornobyl, Donetsk, and the capital city Kyiv,” Quicke wrote. “The students sent audio recorded on their cell phones as they were sheltering from the war. The result was a piece that Zajac put together and asked Quicke to help finish produce, as Zajac could not access his radio studios.”

That message was also posted to SoundCloud.

“I am very moved by the bravery of the students in Ukraine to keep going and to make the effort to send a message to the world in such difficult circumstances. College radio stands with Ukraine. We must not forget them,” says Quicke.