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DRM Calculator Highlights Power Savings

Consortium will introduce a calculator to show energy savings

The DRM Consortium says one of the benefits of its digital radio technology is the potential savings on power bills. Now it is promoting a calculator tool that it says can determine how much energy would be saved by a user that switches from analog to Digital Radio Mondiale.

The calculator was created by Simon Keens, sales and business development manager of Ampegon Power Electronics AG, which is a member of the consortium.

“The DRM Energy Efficiency Calculator ( has been created using typical performance data from transmitter manufacturers,” the organization stated.

“It then calculates total expected energy usage for up to 10 transmitters by considering operational mode, time on-air and broadcasting technique assessing the energy consumption and electricity costs, based upon local market information.”

It said in the announcement that by comparing data sets for analog and DRM digital operations, it can estimate the potential “and often huge” savings broadcasters might expect from switching over to DRM.

DRM says the tool can be programmed into an Excel spreadsheet and distributed in PDF reports summarizing the findings.

The consortium will demonstrate it in an upcoming webinar on June 30.