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Radioplayer Expands in Europe

Hybrid platform is now available in France, Sweden and Netherlands

RadioplayerStreaming technology platform Radioplayer is launching in France, Sweden and the Netherlands, bringing its country total to 14.

Organizers are taking particular note of the importance of France as an automotive market, accounting for 14% of European car sales and more than a quarter of European car production.

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Radioplayer started as a nonprofit collaboration of the BBC and the commercial radio industry of the United Kingdom. “Unlike other radio aggregation models, Radioplayer is nonprofit, and each system is specific to the country in which it is launched,” according to its latest press release.

“There are shared technical standards for the Radioplayer web-player, the radio discovery apps, and the back-end systems which power them, but broadcasters retain control over their own branding, streaming, and commercial deals.”

The organizers of Radioplayer say the effort is important so that “the international radio sector can speak to all car manufacturers with one voice, to keep radio strong in the dashboards of the future.”

The three countries will add metadata (station information, logos, streams, podcasts etc.) to the Radioplayer data feed that supports “hybrid” radio interfaces in a growing number of new cars. “These smart devices can switch automatically between DAB+, FM and streaming, to keep listeners locked-in to their favorite radio stations. Almost a million cars are already driving around Europe with radios powered by metadata from Radioplayer stations.”

Radioplayer France is supported by broadcasters Radio France, Les Indés Radios, M6/RTL, Lagardère, NRJ, and NextRadioTV. “The new partnership will provide 67 million French people with improved ways to listen to their favorite radio stations in the car, and via apps, smart speaker, and smart TV integrations,” according to the announcement.

Radioplayer Netherlands will operate as a partnership between public service broadcaster NPO and Dutch national commercial broadcasters. Radioplayer Sweden is backed by a consortium of major broadcast groups Sveriges Radio, Bauer and Nent.