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Sveriges Radio Receives EBU Tech & Innovation Award

Yle’s Nikkarinen wins first Young Engineers and Researchers Award

EBU, European Broadcasting Union, EBU Young Engineers and Researchers Award, EBU Technology and Innovation AwardThe European Broadcasting Union has announced a pair of engineering awards.

Sweden’s Sveriges Radio’s News Values project was cited for the association’s Technology and Innovation Award.

According to a release, the “technical ingenuity” is what interested the award committee. “Editors rate every news story on three dimensions: magnitude, life span and, crucially, the degree to which it embodies ‘SR values.’ In this way, every item gets a score that is used by the algorithm to automatically generate news playlists for each local SR station. The system is also used internally by the national news team to discover the most interesting stories from around the country.”

Chair of the EBU Technical Committee Judy Parnall said, “This is a perfect example of technical ingenuity being combined with public service values, helping Sveriges Radio to better fulfill its mission.”

Irene Nikkarinen at Finland broadcaster Yle is the recipient of the very first EBU Young Engineers and Researchers Award. The release explained she received the award for “her work on adapting and training an open-source metadata tool” that “is improving the findability of Yle content on its online platforms and apps.”

EBU Technology & Innovation Department Director Antonio Arcidiacono said, “Irene Nikkarinen is a perfect example of the kinds of profile that will ensure public service media remain at the cutting edge when it comes to innovation in media technology.”