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Ward-Beck Will Cease Manufacturing

Canadian manufacturer was founded in 1967 by Ron Ward and Rodger Beck

Audio equipment manufacturer Ward-Beck Systems will cease manufacturing at the end of January, it announced on its Facebook page.

“Since its founding in 1967 by Ron Ward and Rodger Beck, through the transition to Colleen and Eugene Johnson in 1993, and the succession and partnership changes promoting Kevin Lyver as president and CEO in 2016, we are extremely proud to have been suppliers of choice to broadcasters, audio production houses, film sound studios and sound professionals around the globe,” the announcement states.

The Canadian company, based in Scarborough, Ontario, said its lease will end at the end of February.

“We can continue to supply products which are in stock. We also have an inventory of equipment that is available for sale, and intellectual property which may be of interest to folks in the industry.”

The company expressed thanks for the “many caring individuals” in its circle including “our families, our staff, our clients, our suppliers, our friends and collaborators.”

Reached by email, owner Eugene Johnson added, “The broadcast industry has been good to us, we are grateful and have no regrets.”

The current WBS product line includes audio networking and routing, metering, impedance matching transformers and related devices.

Questions about stock or IP available for sale can be emailed to [email protected]. The company said the website, will remain active