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10 Startups Selected for Sprockit 2016 Program

Up to 30 emerging companies will take part at 2016 NAB Show event

WASHINGTON�The first batch of companies selected to participate in Sprockit�s 2016 program has been announced. These 10 startup companies were selected based on �their potential to offer real solutions to challenges in today�s evolving market that many established media and entertainment companies,� said a joint report from NAB and Sprockit.

The fourth annual Sprockit program will showcase emerging companies at the upcoming 2016 NAB Show, and then convene throughout the year at Sprockit Sync, a series of private meetings where new technologies are expected to be introduced and discussed.

Here is the first batch of companies that will take part in this year�s program and descriptions provided by the report:

  • AmpLive � helps content creators and marketers, using live video, build better audiences by tracking user attention and using that data to retarget and engage at a later time.
  • Appiness � provides advanced solutions for video commerce. The company offers time-stamped products and brands for shopping via any smart device, locally or internationally.
  • Crowdynews � is the largest social media curation platform, delivering social content to the news media worldwide.
  • Nervve � helps industry leaders to target, measure and monetize media through visual search and analysis.
  • OwnLocal � builds the bridge between small and medium businesses and local media companies by automating digital marketing through a secure source.
  • � a mobile live streaming platform with enterprise video player capabilities that is platform-agnostic and can consume live video from mobile devices, GoPros, and more.
  • System73 � the �Google Maps� for OTT broadcast video. Simple codes added to the video stream guarantee delivery of high quality video to millions of viewers simultaneously with no blocking, while reducing costs.
  • trueAnthem � a data-driven social publishing solution that enables media companies to maximize profitability from social media.
  • TVision Insights � leverages state-of-the-art computer vision technology to collect viewers� demographics, emotions, actual viewing habits, and content engagement by analyzing data from sensors in the living room.
  • Vigour � empowers media companies and operators to revolutionize online video services using Vigour Video, a world-class interface platform that captivates customers and connects their screens.

Up to 30 companies will be selected to participate in the 2016 program. Applications are still being accepted and invitations are done on a rolling basis. The application deadline is March 14. For more information,click here.

The 2016 NAB Show will take place from April 18-21 in Las Vegas.

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