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Arrakis H-10 Can Be Controlled by Software

New analog console comes with HSeries Controller software

New from Arrakis Systems is the H-10 console. It is a 10-channel board with two stereo outputs, an analog board that can be controlled with software “from anywhere in the world.”

The pitch from Arrakis is that the H-10 combines the simplicity and reliability of analog with the flexibility of digital technologies. It includes a license for HSeries Controller software, which runs on a Windows PC and allows the user to control the console. 

“You can activate and deactivate channels either from the console itself or your Windows PC. Since the faders are not motorized, we provide users with the ability to switch to pre-fader levels, enabling them to adjust the volume remotely to their desired level.”

The software includes 12 user presets that allow the user to choose which channels are on or off with a click. Automatic Restore will return the console to its previous settings in the event of a power failure. The controller software includes additional logic control, remote monitoring of audio levels and an up/down timer.

The board has 10 input channels and two output busses. Two mic preamps are built in and two more can be added optionally. Seven stereo inputs are provided, with both unbalanced RCA and balanced inputs on Channels 3–8. 

Mix-minus and Bluetooth channels are standard. The board ships with either illuminated analog VU metering or LED meters.

List price is $3,299.

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