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AIMS Alliance Adds Four New Members

Calrec, Ericsson, Rohde & Schwarz and Xilinx are the latest to join

BOTHELL, WASH.�The Alliance of IP Media Solutions has landed four more companies to become part of its organization that is dedicated to the promotion of an IP industry standard. Calrec Audio, Ericsson, Rohde & Schwarz, and Xilinx Inc. now join the group that features more than 50 companies.

These new members will follow the AIMS bylaws, which provide specific guidance to members and to the media industry via its AIMS Roadmaps. The organization officially endorses an IP transition that includes support for SMPTE 2022-6, AES67, VSF recommendations TR-03 and TR-04, and AMWA NMOS IS-04.

For more information on AIMS and a full list of its members, visit�