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FCC Re-chartering Communications Security, Reliability & Interoperability Council

Seeks membership and committee chair nominations

WASHINGTON � Effective summer 2017, the Federal Communications Commission announces the sixth iteration of the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council; the fifth CSRIC concluded March 18. CSRIC makes recommendations to the FCC about, among other things, public alerting, cybersecurity response and future designs of emergency alerting systems.

The FCC seeks members who will join the advisory committee and help to improve the nation�s communications systems.

The commission intends to establish CSRIC for two years, over which time the members will work to �make recommendations to promote the security, reliability and resiliency of the communications systems,� according to the FCC announcement.

CSRIC will likely tackle reliability of communications systems and infrastructure; 911, Enhanced 911 and Next Generation 911; emergency alerting; and national security/emergency preparedness communications.

The FCC seeks applications from representatives of the communications industry, representatives of state and local government agencies and organizations, and representatives of consumers and community organizations that wish to be considered for CSRIC membership. Members will be selected to balance the expertise and viewpoints to effectively address the issues to be considered by the committee and may also be appointed for their individual expertise as �Special Government Employees.�

The FCC is especially interested in prospective participants from those in the following categories:

  • �� � ��State, tribal, territorial, local or federal government agencies and organizations with expertise in communications, public safety, emergency management and/or homeland security;
  • �� � ��Communications service providers and/or industry organizations representing communications service providers;
  • �� � ��Developers of software applications and operating systems for mobile and desktop computing devices; mobile devices/new technologies;
  • �� � ��Entities representing users of communications systems;
  • �� � ��Consumer or community organizations; and
  • �� � ��Qualified representatives of other stakeholders and interested parties with relevant expertise

CSRIC members will be encouraged to participate in at least one subcommittee or subgroup. Note that members will not be compensated.�

Nominations for membership and chairperson must be submitted to the FCC via [email protected] later than April 24. Nominations must include

  • Name, title, and organization of the nominee and a description of the organization, sector or other interest the nominee will represent;
  • Mailing address, email address and phone number;
  • A statement summarizing the nominee�s qualifications and reasons why the nominee should be appointed;
  • If the nominee will represent a specific organization, a statement describing the organization as well as the benefit of having the organization represented on the committee, as well as confirmation from that organization; and
  • A statement confirming that the nominee, if seeking appointment for the individual�s expertise, is not a registered federal lobbyist.

Meetings of the full committee shall be open to the public and notice of each meeting shall be published in the Federal Register and publicized elsewhere and will be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities.