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Ford Connected Car Hackathon at NAB Show

Competition will be held at a pavilion on the exhibit floor

iStock/monsitjLAS VEGAS � This year�s NAB Show has added a new feature: a Connected Car Hackathon. Ford has sponsored a pavilion (N2503) on the exhibit floor, which will be the site of the app competition.�

Participants will work on daily challenges that cause them to develop dashboard apps from concept through testing in real time on the show floor. Developers will also have the chance to win prizes for their work.

According to its description, the hackathon is a way to explore what �new technology in the automotive industry mean[s] to broadcasters and content publishers?� Specifically, NAB and Ford will use the competition to ask �how access to vehicle generated data and the increasing autonomous capabilities of vehicles will impact the delivery of audio and video inside the car.�

NAB Pilot recently participated in asimilar eventsponsored by GM in Tampa, Fla.