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Now Available: 11th Edition of NAB Engineering Handbook

New version adds info on internet radio, digital audio compression and more

NEW YORK � Back to school season is just around the corner, and if you miss the excitement of new textbooks, you�re in luck. Whether you graduated 40 years ago or are still working toward your degree, you�ll want to order the 11th edition of the National Association of Broadcasters Engineering Handbook from publisher Taylor & Francis.

The previous handbook was published a decade ago, so it�s worth investing in the updated edition, which now includes information on covers internet radio interfacing and streaming, as well as digital audio compression techniques. Updates have also been made to the chapters on AM, shortwave, FM and television transmitting systems, microphones and principles of acoustics, among others. The foreward also recognizes the increasing importance of IT, and that�s also reflected in the handbook�s content.�

This edition was updated by Editor-in-Chief Garrison Cavell and Associate Editors Thomas G. Osenkowsky, David H. Layer, Skip Pizzi and William T. Hayes.

Doug Irwin co-wrote the chapter entitled �STL Systems for Radio and TV,� and Nick Piggott authored the �Hybrid Radio and the RadioDNS Open Standards� chapter. Other contributors will likely be familiar to Radio readers, too: Doug Vernier, David Oxenford, Bob Weller, Kirk Harnack, Paul Shulins, Eugene Novack, Bob Orban, Greg Ogonowski, Jeff Detweiler, Ron Rackley, Cris Alexander and Alan Jurison are among them.

The newest version of �the definitive resource for broadcast engineers� is available online at the NAB store for $220, or in digital form at the Google Play Store for $176.