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NTA Pushes for New FM Translator Window

Expresses preference for periodic openings

ARVADA, Colo.� TheNational Translator Associationhas once again urged the FCC and Chairman Wheeler to open a new filing window for FM translators, calling them �vital� to many broadcasters.

�We are long overdue for a FM translator filing window. We at the National Translator Association have been discussing and requesting the FCC to open a filing window of any kind for some time,� said NTA Vice President of Audio and Radio Ched Keiler in a press release. �We would prefer that the FCC consider opening filing windows for all broadcast services on a more frequent periodic basis. This is the only fair way to distribute the usable frequency spectrum for FM translators.�

The NTA went on to quote Commissioners Clyburn and Pai, who have supported the idea of a translator window specific to AM broadcasters, but have a recently backed down as the idea has not gained traction.

Members of the NTA consist of TV and FM translator licensees.