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Oct. 12 DIRS Report for Puerto Rico

Post-Hurricane Maria, many stations are not yet operational

WASHINGTON � Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands on Sept. 20, and more than three weeks later, the communications infrastructure is still devastated.

According to the latest DIRS report, dated Oct. 12, WQBS, WCMN(FM), WMIO, WPRM(FM), WNEL, WPRP, WIPR(FM), WZAR and WUNO are still out of service. However, many other stations likely have not yet been able to report in.

Based on informal reports, the following stations are currently operational in Puerto Ric WKAQ(AM), WPAB(AM), WIPR(AM), WAPA(AM), WISO(AM), WTIL(AM), WKUM(AM), WMDD(AM), WDEP(AM), WALO(AM), WSJN(AM), WXEW(AM), WEXS(AM), WMIA(AM), WZIN(FM), WODA(FM), WFID(FM), WAEL(FM), WNVM(FM), WERR(FM), WKAQ(FM) and WMEG(FM).

As of the report�s publication the Federal Communications Commission�s Disaster Information Reporting System is still activated for all counties in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.�