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Sierra Automated Systems Becomes Livewire Partner

SAS was previously considered a console/IP infrastructure competitor

CLEVELAND, Ohio �Telos Alliance has announced that there is a new addition to the group of Livewire partner�s, and a somewhat surprising one at that. Sierra Automated Systems is now a Livewire partner, offering full support for the Livewire protocol to send and receive audio with stream advertising, control and program associated data throughout its entire audio network.

Prior to this partnership, SAS had been seen as a console/IP infrastructure competitor to Telos� Livewire. �We think things are going to eventually morph into one common standard, and that is AES67, which of course Telos Alliance initiated and spearheaded,� explained Al Salci, co-founder and vice president of SAS. �We are excited to become a Livewire partner.�

Livewire is an AoIP protocol that enables uncompressed digital audio over Ethernet, including audio, logic, control and program associated data. Livewire is present in all Axia products � one of Telos Alliance�s subsidiaries.