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V-Soft Communications RFHAZ-3

V-Soft Communications RFHAZ-3

Apr 4, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Antenna emissions analyzer
The FCC has published the OET #65 bulletin and its revisions that define maximum exposures of non-ionization R.F. radiation to workers and the public. AM, FM and TV stations are required to file environmental statements when they file for a construction permit and at license renewal that show that engineers at the site and the public in general are not being overexposed to R.F. energy. The FCC’s rules require that broadcasters protect uncontrolled areas at 20 percent of the maximum. Controlled areas, where access is limited, allow five times as much RF emission. V-Soft’s new RFHAZ-3 provides for a graphical examination of multiple antennas at user-selected graphic scales, from a minute observation with maximums not exceeding 50uW/square centimeter to a maximum scale level of 3000uW/square centimeter. For FM calculations, the user can select to use the EPA studied antennas for which the vertical patterns are included with the program, or manufacturer’s vertical patterns can be input, edited, saved and loaded from disk. RFHAZ considers the impact of antenna arrays having from 1 to 16 bays as well as those with less than full wave spacings.

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