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V-Soft to Bring Latest to NAB Show

Probe 5 is among the programs with added features

V-Soft Communications said it will be at the NAB Show with the latest versions of its software. 

The company makes software for radio frequency engineering, propagation analysis, FCC allocation studies, antenna pattern design, inter-modulation analysis, microwave path analysis and related applications. These programs are used by the FCC, broadcast consultants and engineers.

The company said Probe 5 now offers the option to have authentic U.S. topographic map backgrounds and ATSC 3.0 C/N noise limited field strength calculations. Probe 5 is a professional RF propagation modeling application for DTV/TV, LPTV, FM broadcast interference and coverage analysis.  

An AM allocation study image from AM-Pro2.

AM-Pro2 is AM coverage and interference software that calculates and plots both standard and grid-based coverage. It will calculate and map interference contours based on the FCC AM rules and it performs ground-wave and automated sky-wave RSS allocation studies. 

Also in the booth will be FMCommander, an FM allocations program that combines terrain-impacted contour-to-contour and minimum separations mapping with tabular presentations. It includes high-quality coverage mapping and a new pop-up window for translator work.

Microwave Pro 2 is a microwave frequency search and path analysis application that performs frequency searches for Part 101 and broadcast auxiliary frequencies. It calculates C/I ratios that consider terrain obstructions using the NSMA OHLOSS propagation model.

And Pattern Workshop is antenna pattern design software that creates professional-looking directional antenna azimuth graphs and matching tables for FCC submissions. “More importantly, it allows combining the patterns of antennae oriented at different azimuths,” V-Soft states.

NAB Show Booth: W3147

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