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WATCH: Engineers Reenact KQV Transmitter Shutdown

Humphrey and Sterling remember the historic Pittsburgh AM station

PITTSBUGH � Long-running Pittsburgh, Pa., station KQV(AM) went silent Dec. 31, 2017.

Self-described �transmitter guru� Roy Humphrey of WPGH(TV) shares this Youtube video (above), in which he discusses KQV Radio�s history with Bob Sterling as part of a ceremonial reenactment of the transmitter�s New Year�s Eve shutdown.

In an email, Humphrey explained that the station was owned by the estate of Robert Dickey, Jr., which elected to �pull the plug� because the venture was losing money. In fact, the land on which the transmitter is located is worth more than the station itself, as is the case with many AM stations, according to Humphrey.

Humphrey also says that all of the former KQV equipment is currently for sale, including ATUs and transmitters.

Watch the video (embedded above) to learn more about KQV and its history.