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WATCH: Take a Tour of an Abandoned Radio Studio

YouTuber RnK All Day does a walk-through of former WHJJ(AM) studios in Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A self-described urban explorer/adventurer has shared a video tour of an abandoned building that appears to have once been the home of WHJJ(AM) in Providence, R.I.

In RnK All Day’s YouTube video (below), you can see evidence of past break-ins, but oddly enough, most of the expensive equipment has been left intact — PR&E consoles, BE 2100 series included. He also notes that the building still has power, but most of the windows have been broken.

According to the FCC database, WHJJ(AM) is licensed to Capstar TX (iHeart) as debtor in possession. It’s still broadcasting at 920 kHz. You can listen to the talk station online here.

The station was formerly known as WJAR(AM).

If anyone knows more about the station’s history or why this studio full of equipment was left behind, let us know. Email [email protected] or comment on social media.