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WKAQ Won’t Let a Cat-3 Storm Bring It Down

Even without a roof, Spanish-language station remained on the air during and after Hurricane Maria

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico � A radio station in Puerto Rico had a bit of a rough week. WKAQ(AM/FM) lost its roof to Hurricane Maria, but that didn�t stop the Univision station from broadcasting, the Miami Herald reports.

In fact, one staffer described some of the offices of the building previously believed to be a �bunker� as �exploding� from the force of the winds. But the on-air staffers moved to more interior parts of the building, created a makeshift studio in a windowless and stayed on the air. Ground floor flooding was also an issue for the station.

The Spanish language station�s Rub�n S�nchez also shared calls from listeners, who gave updates on the hurricane�s destruction until power outages reached most of the island. Then, WKAQ transitioned to taking calls from Florida, New York, Chicago, Texas and Nebraska ,where family members and friends sent well wishes to those weathering the storm. He also read text, WhatsApp and Twitter messages and utilized Facebook Live to reach a wider audience.

Now that�s dedication to your purpose.

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