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2009 NAB Extra

2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

IP codec

Tieline Technology

Booth N8123

Bridge-IT: Bridge-IT allows the user to tailor the codec to suit individual requirements. Available in encode- only, decode-only versions or both, Bridge-IT has an SD card slot for failover playback of prerecorded audio, and the unit’s menus can be fully programmed using comprehensive front-panel hardware that includes a keypad and LCD display, or by using a Web interface. It is designed for desktop use, or two units can be installed side-by-side in a purpose-built 1RU mounting bracket. Bridge-IT comes with a range of high performance broadcast algorithms plus optional AAC LC and AAC HE. Standard algorithms include 16-bit 22kHz linear audio at less than 12ms encode delay for uncompromised audio, G.711 G.722, MPEG Layer 2 and Tieline Music. The Tieline Music Plus algorithm also provides 22kHz mono, dual mono and stereo with 20ms encode delay at under 100kb/s. Bridge-IT has all the broadcast input connectors you would expect on a fully-featured codec. Simultaneous analog and digital AES/EBU audio outputs are provided on XLR connectors and it includes a 1/4″ stereo headphone output.
[email protected]

Portable recorder

Samson Technologies

Booth SL10125

Zoom H4n: The H4n’s onboard X/Y stereo condenser mics are arranged with the right and left mics on the same axis. This design ensures that the mics are always equidistant from the sound source for proper localization without phase shift. Each mic capsule can be rotated from 90 degrees (standard) to 120 degrees (wide-angle) stereo. The H4n allows four-channel simultaneous recording by using its onboard mics with either external mics or direct inputs. Choose up to 24-bit/96kHz linear PCM WAV files a variety of MP3 formats from 320kb/s down to 48kb/s.
[email protected]

Single-phase rack-mount UPS

Staco Energy Products

Booth N2814

Unistar C: Standard functions on these 1, 2 and 3kVA rack-mount models includes hot-swappable batteries, an internal battery charger, emergency shut-down and programmable receptacles. This double-conversion UPS protects from outages and irregularities in incoming line voltages from 60 to 144Vac or 120 to 288Vac at 45-65Hz. A steady sine wave protects downstream equipment even without going to battery mode. Each Unistar C features PWM sine-wave topology. The high crest factor of the inverter handles all high in-rush current loads without the need to upgrade the power rating. DC-start function ensures that the UPS will start even during a power outage. An LCD display provides real-time indication of all major system parameters and status, including load level, battery remaining and fault signals. Digital signal processing (DSP) provides the UPS with powerful communication capability, which enhances the flexibility for easy remote control and monitoring.
[email protected]

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2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Solid-state FM transmitters


Booth N7016

NV Series: Building on the NV40, Nautel now offers FM output power ranging from 3.5kW to 44kW with the following product models: NV3.5, NV5, NV7.5, NV10, NV15, NV20, NV30 and the flagship NV40. The NV Series of products offer several unique capabilities. An Advanced User Interface provides more control with access from virtually anywhere, and the AUI increases station efficiency by making it easy for engineers to monitor and control their Nautel transmitters. Nautel provides a control system with a 17″ touch screen interface that manages the whole transmitter and multiple exciters. Real-time instrument-grade spectral analysis allows a station engineers to quickly ensure that the station’s signal is optimized for digital broadcast. All NV Series transmitters are digital-ready, allowing a plug-in Exgine upgrade to HD Radio broadcasting. Adaptive pre-correction provides linearity and IBOC transmission with no need for additional filters. Common modules across the product line are a plus for customers with multiple transmission sites.
[email protected]

Audio-over-IP transmission


Booth N6729

BRIC-Link: BRIC-Link transmits audio over IP networks and is suited for point-to-point �nailed up� audio links over a wide variety of data circuits including ISM band IP radios, T1/E1s, satellite data channels, WANs and LANs. Contained in a small, desktop package, two BRIC-Links can be mounted in a 1RU rack space. Balanced analog �” I/O, as well as switchable AES I/O, four contact closures, ancillary data and consumer level front panel I/O for monitoring are provided on BRIC-Link’s compact and rugged chassis.
[email protected]

High-speed digital audio router


Booth N5429

Titan: The Titan BC 2000 D router/concentrator is designed to serve as the audio switching core in critical systems. It is equipped with five bidirectional optical fiber ports that use non-blocking architecture. Each port is capable of connecting up to 1,024 channels. As with the rest of the BC 2000 D, the control system is based upon the TCP/IP architecture. Communication with its two controller boards working in cluster mode provides control interface access via a single virtual IP. Audio connections are made within the BC 2000 D system by means of the five bidirectional fiber-optic ports, and are directly compatible with the BC 2213 high speed router linking module.
[email protected]

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2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Live streaming


Booth C1744

Universal Media Player: The Universal Media Player is for both audio and video streams and works in any browser or operating system combination. This universal solution employs the technologies of Adobe, Microsoft, and standard HTML to make it truly cross-browser cross-platform and cross-device. This frees you from needing multiple player/format links on your website and simplifies the user experience. Adding banner ads and corporate branding ensures inbound revenue and brand promotion.
[email protected]

Mini IP audio router


Booth N7124

Jetstream Mini: The Jetstream Series includes IP-based audio routers that provide audio I/O, mixing, processing and audio distribution needs for radio applications. The first in the series, the Jetstream Mini, provides enough capacity for one 24-channel radio console. Logitek’s existing control surfaces — Mosaic, Artisan and Remora — provide the user interface to the Jetstream. One Jetstream Mini unit provides eight I/O card slots that accommodate five types of I/O cards: four mic preamps (with phantom power); four stereo analog line inputs; four stereo analog line outputs; four stereo AES or S/PDIF digital inputs and four stereo AES or S/PDIF digital outputs. Also included are 12 GPI and 16 GPO contacts; four RS-485 ports with AES cue audio; 2 GbE Ethernet ports and redundant power supplies in a single two rack unit enclosure.
[email protected]

Playlist manager

Axel Technology

Booth N2518

Digiware Radio: Complete software for radio program management, automatic playlist creation, scheduling, broadcast report and statistics, Digiware allows multi-user access with rights management as well as single- and multi-radio playlist creation and editing. Digiware Media Management includes: songs, advertising, promos, radio sales, jingles, news, voice track, live events and external feeds, GPI commands, remark lines and technical messages. It features automatic playlist creation from user-defined templates; policies basd on mood, bpm, category, popularity; avoids author/title repetitions; playlist export to automation software; differential advertisement zone management on multiple channel playlists; last-second playlist modification with automatic playout update; media browser for fast content search; and drag-and-drop playlist editing.
+39 51 736555
[email protected]

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2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Two-wire to Four-wire interface

Studio Technologies

Booth C11843

Model 45: The Model 45 is designed to interface a two-wire full-duplex party-line intercom circuit with a four-wire audio circuit associated with a matrix intercom system. Other specialized audio system interfacing applications can also be supported. The unit provides a full-featured two-channel interface which includes two hybrid circuits with automatic nulling capability. For flexibility, the Model 45 can be powered by the connected two-wire party-line circuit or by means of an external source of 24Vdc. When powered by an external source, the Model 45 is capable of supplying dc power to the two-wire intercom circuit. This unique feature allows direct operation of devices such as user belt packs. Audio level meters provide confirmation of system performance during setup and operation. Standard audio connectors are used for all input and output signals.
[email protected]

True condenser microphone


Booth N5113

Superlux S125: Featuring a pressure gradient, 0.5″ shock mounted condenser capsule, high SPL characteristics, a -10 dB pad, a low-cut switch, and conductive shielding to minimize RF and handling noise, the Superlux S125 delivers studio caliber qualities in a robust form factor designed for live performance. It is a cardioid condenser mic with a triple pop filter. Since the microphone’s multistage pop filter does not use any foam components, it will maintain its high performance characteristics for years. Similarly, the pressure gradient capsule is shock mounted for low handling noise, and both the microphone’s case and grille are conductive to resist RF interference from cell phones and other sources. The mic features a wide, flat frequency response that extends from 20Hz – 20kHz. The Superlux S125 has a switchable -10dB attenuator and a switchable 150Hz low cut filter. Gold-plated connectors sit between the microphone’s capsule and electronics.
[email protected]

Digital monitor

RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten

Booth N3123

10500X-Plus: RTW Digital Monitor 10500X-PLUS now incorporates ITU-compliant loudness display and full-screen mode. The RTW Digital Monitor 10500X-PLUS, a high-performance, cost-effective display system for monitoring digital stereo audio signals, now comes with an integrated loudness display in compliance with the ITU BS.1771 guideline. Further enhancements include a new full-screen mode for enlarged display showing the individual instruments in use. All current-production Digital Monitor 10500X-PLUS systems leave the factory with the new loudness display options included.
+49 221 709130

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2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Control panel


Booth N3114

Deva Mix-8: Zaxcom’s Deva Mix-8 eight-fader mixing control panel integrates directly with the company’s Deva and high-resolution Fusion audio recording systems to provide a more compact, mobile, and precise control panel for audio mixing. The Deva Mix-8 incorporates the familiarity of fader-based mixing controls into a control panel that’s compact enough for over-the-shoulder use. All mixing functions and powering of the unit are supported through a single cable connecting the Mix-8 to its host system.
[email protected]

Master clock

Antelope Audio

Booth N2234

Trinity: The Trinity’s features include three Independent Audio Generators up to 384kHz, with Varispeed Control; three Independent SD Generators, simultaneously offering PAL and NTSC; three Independent HD Generators, presenting a choice of 16 formats, and Antelope’s fourth Generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) which now employs 64-bit DSP. Also, a triple display shows the frequencies for the Independent Audio Generators. Trinity maintains all of the features from Antelope’s current OCX-V Audio/Video Master Clock, such as Jitter Management Module, Black burst generator, and full audio and video Gearboxing with simultaneous 0.1 and 4 percent pull-ups/pull-downs.
[email protected]

On-air signs


Booth N3217

Signal LED Illuminated Signs: Designed for studio installers and systems integrators, this range of illuminated RGB LED studio signs contain the control electronics themselves so they can be simply configured for color and operation on site.
[email protected]

Radio automation

Netia Digital Audio

Booth SU822

Radio-Assist 8: Equipped with a broad range of tools for end-to-end multimedia workflows, the newest version of Radio-Assist now extends beyond traditional broadcasting by allowing users to prepare publication at an early stage of the workflow. Publication is prepared at the same level as the on-air thanks to new planning tools. It integrates with Netia’s Media Asset Management system for all media: video, images, texts and audio. It also offers an automatic publishing engine for all media as well as managing associated metadata and linked media.
[email protected]

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2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Sound system packages

Anchor Audio Communications/Portaco

Booth N6123

Xtreme: Xtreme is one of Anchor’s loudest portable sound systems. The two wireless microphones allow users to roam the venue with clear sound. Press conferences, sporting events, movie screenings or remotes are just some of the possible uses for this powerful sound system.

Traffic/business system


Booth N5917

Aquira: Aquira is scalable from a single station to multi-station or multi-location broadcast groups. With a modern user interface, a user can open multiple logs at the same time and drag and drop spots from one log to another. Its report writing gives the user the power to create custom reports and save them with an easy-to-use Report Builder Tool. With Flexible Rate management, the user can maintain special control over each station. Powerful accounting functions generate a single invoice or send a group of invoices from a customized list at the click of a button.
[email protected]

Radio broadcast transmitters


Booth N2502

HPX Series: HPX transmitters are available in analog FM-only or common amplification HD Radio versions, and incorporate an advanced transmitter control system. The -compact design of the HPX transmitter utilizes matching amplifier and power supply cabinets to minimize the footprint at the transmission facility. Its common architecture at all power levels simplifies the upgrade path for stations who wish to migrate from analog-only to an HD Radio common-amplification system or increase HD Radio broadcasting power to the proposed -10dB when needed.
[email protected]

Digital audio cable


Booth C6508

Brilliance AES/EBU: This single-pair cable is ideal for use in permanent installations of balanced-line analog or digital audio. In the presence of unbalanced signals, the addition of a balun will enable the cable to support many coax-based signal types, such as analog audio, S/PDIF digital audio and professional AES3-ID digital audio, as well as surveillance cameras.
[email protected]

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2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Automatic mixing controller

Dan Dugan Sound Design

Booth N2515

Model E-1: The Model E-1 automatic mixing controller handles multiple live mics without having to continually ride individual faders. This eight-channel signal processor patches into the input insert points of an audio mixing console. It detects which mics are being used and makes fast, transparent cross-fades, freeing the mixer to focus on balance and sound quality instead of being chained to the faders. The Model E-1’s voice-controlled crossfades track unscripted dialogue perfectly, eliminating cueing mistakes and late fade-ups while avoiding the choppy and distracting effects common to noise gates. Without the need for gating, a natural low-level room ambience is maintained.
[email protected]

Cavity backed antenna

Propagation Systems Inc

Booth C2329

PSI CB Series: The PSI CB series cavity backed broadband antenna is optimum for a single station or multiple stations. This antenna features a wide band dipole element that excites a cavity resonator, maximum beam control, extremely low VSWR and a uniform pattern with flat response across a wide band of frequencies. This antenna may be arranged for an omnidirectional or directional pattern. In the omni mode, circularity is �2.0dB or better. Made of marine brass, copper and Teflon, this antenna is rugged and accepts deicers or radomes for environmental protection. The cavity itself is a galvanized welded mesh. Because of the extremely wide band frequency response offered by this antenna, the total number of frequencies is limited only by the total input power.
[email protected]

Portable surround sound mixing system


Booth N6129

Headzone PRO XT: As with the original Headzone system, Headzone PRO XT utilizes current DSP technology to provide superior headphone-based 5.1 surround sound reproduction. It also offers a unique patented ultrasonic-headtracking system, which locates the orientation of the listener’s head with respect to the source material and adjusts the audio accordingly. Headzone PRO XT allows complete freedom of movement. The PRO XT includes enhanced headtracking functionality by providing more routing possibilities (left/right and front/back) in the software control panel. Also new to the PRO XT are added XLR inputs, an adjustable communication input with volume control, and a second headphone output. The Headzone PRO XT also allows for three individual user presets to be directly accessed through buttons on the unit’s front panel and includes an adjustable, password protected limiter for hearing protection.
[email protected]

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2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Heliax connectors

ERI-Electronics Research

Booth C1307

HJ4-50, HJ5-50, HJ9-50: ERI expands its line of air Heliax coaxial cable connectors with the introduction of an HJ4-50 (�” cable) to ?” EIA connector, HJ5-50 (?” cable) to ?” EIA connector, and HJ9-50 (5″ cable to 6″ EIA connector. With these additions, ERI now offers the full range of broadcast connectors for Heliax air-dielectric coaxial cable. ERI maintains a 30,000-square-foot stock area housing an inventory of standard components and accessories for coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems. In cases of emergency, these items can generally be ordered for next day delivery to any transmission facility within the United States.
[email protected]

Wireless audio gateway

JK Audio

Booth N2125

Bluekeeper: Bluekeeper sends mic and line level signals to a wireless phone while maintaining separation between the local voice and the caller. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides the sending voice on one channel and only the caller’s voice on the other channel. The balanced XLR output jack contains only the caller’s voice. Bluekeeper pairs to a cell phone like a Bluetooth wireless headset. Bluekeeper also pairs to Bluetooth-equipped sound cards and music players in full bandwidth stereo A2DP mode. The 3.5mm stereo line input jack allows recordings to be sent into the Bluetooth device. The 3.5mm stereo line output jack provides the full bandwidth send mix on the left channel and Bluetooth caller audio on the right channel. The headphone output provides a mix of the XLR input, 3.5 mm input and Bluetooth audio.
[email protected]

Mobile recording studio

Booth SL9612

VB Mobile Studio: The 20′ VB Mobile Studio includes a control room, vocal booth and a performance space. This studio is housed in a large trailer that can be hauled behind any tour bus or heavy duty pickup truck. This smaller option utilizes a slide-out expansion system adding more than 30 percent more space to the trailer. There are also 30′ and 40′ VB Mobile Studio trailers available. The much larger 53′ VB Mobile Studio is housed in a full 18-wheeler truck trailer with a slide-out feature and includes a restroom, mini bar, lounge, vocal booth, control room and performance space. Each studio is fully customizable including interior design choices and exterior trailer graphics. Each size abounds with options related to temperature control, cable conduits, custom lighting and other luxury amenities.

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2009 NAB Extra

Mar 1, 2009 12:00 PM

IBOC FM translator


Booth C2616

Encore Series: Incorporating TV transmitter amplifier designs and applying them to digital radio, the Encore IBOC FM Translator delivers a high-quality digital FM radio quality sound. Highly linear amplifiers and custom designed IF filtering enable optimum reception and output power in digital operation. Integrating filtering and new linear conversion technologies, the Encore Series of translators takes the digital FM signal and translates/repeats it, keeping the IBOC digital signal intact. The result is an IBOC FM translator that delivers the original analog FM signal and the digital portion of the signal together to an audience. The Encore Series is available from 25W to 250W.
[email protected]

Pushbutton switches

NKK Switches

Booth N2816

GB2 Series: With a footprint of just 7mm high, 7mm wide and 2.5mm thick, the GB2 Series of ultra thin and ultra miniature pushbutton switches are suited for high density PCB mounting and other applications where board space is at a minimum. These switches are also suitable for block or ganged mounting. The GB2 Series features off-center plungers that further facilitate mounting in tight spaces, and the unique plunger design also helps prevent accidental actuation. These switches are momentary circuit, single pole-single throw and feature an off momentary on configuration. They carry a rating of 0.4Vac maximum at 28Vac/dc maximum and their mechanical and electrical life is recommended for 50,000 operations minimum. They can be ordered in straight PC, straight PC with support bracket and right angle bracketed PC in a single or double switch mounted configuration.
[email protected]

PC-free audio streaming

Barix Technology

Booth N8036

Radiobox Pro: This PC-free, two-channel encoding/decoding solution is based on a Barix audio-over-IP electronic architecture. The IP-based platform is ideal for broadcasters seeking reliable STL and IP transport. The 1RU rack-mountable box adds XLR and AES/EBU connections, full-duplex capability and support of uncompressed audio data throughout the transport chain. In addition to STL, Radiobox Pro can be used for solid-state audio playout in the broadcast studio or at the transmission tower. It adds a built-in Compact Flash card slot to store standby programming in the event the live connection is temporarily lost. The presence of the card slot marks a significant design change from the previous version, which included a USB slot for program redundancy. The Barix Instreamer/Exstreamer audio-over-IP technology enables automatic reconnection to the live stream once the connection is back online. Radiobox Pro offers multiple local and remote control options including access to the Radiobox interface from 3G mobile.
[email protected]

Automatic AC power controller

Henry Engineering

Booth N8215

Powerswitch: This automatic failsafe ac power controller switches ac power to backup equipment if main equipment fails. Powerswitch was developed for use with Arbitron PPM encoders. If a PPM Monitor is used, the Powerswitch will automatically switch to the backup PPM encoder if the main encoder fails. This redundancy with automatic backup ensures that radio stations never lose ratings data in the event of a fault with their main PPM encoder. Powerswitch can also be used as a remote rebooter, to reboot a PC at a transmitter site or other remote location. It can also be used in any application where ac power needs to be remotely turned on or off.
[email protected]

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