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Dielectric DCR-S

Dielectric DCR-S

Aug 2, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Sidemount FM antenna

The DCR-S provides a low-wind load alternative for broadcasting multiple FM stations from a common antenna. When paired with Dielectric’s patent-pending, ultra-compact manifold combiner, the DCR-S creates a package for broadcast applications where space is limited. Without the requirement for flexible jumpers, the new antenna is simple to install and maintain. The DCR-S can be used by broadcasters to establish multistation broadcasting, to add HD Radio broadcasting to an existing multi-station site or to provide a reliable auxiliary antenna. The DCR-S is a circularly polarized antenna with a power rating of 28kW for a single bay, and is available in stacked arrays of up to 16 bays for a power rating of 120kW. The antenna system is engineered to support high-input power as needed for multiplexing. Designed specifically to reduce downward RF radiation to the ground, the DCR-S features a custom feed design with shorter spacings and a series-fed configuration.
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