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Dielectric Goes Sideways

New stackable FM antenna designed to reduce windload

Antenna maker Dielectric will show off a new antenna, the DCR-S.

This is a sidemounted circular polarized broadband FM model. It can handle up to 28 kW in one bay and can be stacked up to 120 kW in 16 bays. It is HD Radio-compatible. The side-mount design aids in wind avoidance and the design also intends to minimize radiation aimed at the ground.

Dielectric President Garrett VanAtta said: “With its reduced weight and low-windload design, the DCR-S can be mounted on towers that are not able to support a conventional broadband antenna. And when the DCR-S is teamed with our manifold combiner, broadcasters will enjoy a cost-effective, low-space multicasting system.”

Options include radomes and deicers.

NAB Booth: C2222