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EAS Manufacturers’ Upgrade Information

EAS Manufacturers’ Upgrade Information

Mar 1, 2003 12:00 PM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

This page was last updated
April 5, 2003

Following the FCC Report and Order (click here to read the story), many broadcast stations seek information about updating their EAS units to recognize the new event codes, which took effect at the end of May 2002.

Radio magazine provides this page to help you find the information you need. This page will be updated as information becomes available, so check back often.


Firmware version 1.5 is now available from the Burk website. The new version includes the added event codes and AMBER alter codes.
(800) 255-8090


The company has completed the firmware upgrade, which includes codes and data for AMBER. Older units will likely need a hardware upgrade, which will cost about $150.

The firmware upgrade also fixes some forwarding problems with RMT timeouts.
(740) 593-3150


To add the new event codes, the EPROM must be replaced. The new EPROM for model MIP-921 is available now for $150.00. The new EPROM for all other Hollyanne units will be available later in 2003.
(888) 4EAS-INFO


MTS units do not use EPROMS, but firware updates were expected to be available around March 18, 2002. The software will be available for download online or can be ordered on diskette.
(919) 553-2995


New event codes and location codes can be entered manually with the Sage DOS program. This program can also be used to save a unit’s settings for later upload. Info on the program is available here:

The Harris website has been updated with new information.
(800) 622-0022


TFT has a two-chip upgrade that costs $100 plus $10 for shipping and handling. TFT also offers a 10% discount for prepaid and credit card orders.

TFT EAS 911 users with firmware version V.77 or earlier that do not permit the newly enacted 60 minute RMT hold can receive an upgrade at no charge. Contact TFT and provide the unit’s serial number and a valid shipping address.

One note of caution when the events codes are updated: There were 28 event codes before the update; now there are 49. The event codes for the RWT and RMT used to be codes 17 and 18 respectively. The RWT and RMT are now 34 and 33 respectively. Under the new software, event codes 17 and 18 are now for a flood watch and flood warning.
(800) 347-3383