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Enco Systems Adds Twitter capability to Padapult

Enco Systems Adds Twitter capability to Padapult

May 5, 2009 11:48 AM

Southfield, MI – May 5, 2009 – Enco Systems has released version 9.0a of Padapult, the data multicasting tool for radio broadcasters. Among other enhancements, this new version features the ability to send customizable now playing information to the Twitter and Friend Feed social networking systems.

Along with the ability to send customizable data from any automation system, Padapult also addresses the needs of broadcasters that wish to easily encode and transmit PSD (program service data) on the fly. This capability, called PAD Live!, is particularly useful for broadcasters in live news/talk and sports formats where automated data may not be available. Padapult allows data to be sent to as many as ten different destinations, such as HD Radio, RBDS encoders, websites, electronic signage and now, Twitter and Friend Feed. Padapult automatically formats data for the intended destination. It also supports scheduled messagecasting for promotional and commercial content. Also new to this version of Padapult is the ability to natively support the serial data format from the satellite delivered Citadel Media Networks (formerly ABC Radio Network).

Padapult is available as an add-on module for DAD or Presenter users. A stand-alone version is also available for users who do not have DAD/Presenter systems. A custom version of Padapult is also embedded into Enco’s Rama metadata appliance. Version 9.0a is available to current Padapult users who are under an Enco support agreement at no additional charge.

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