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Enco Systems ENCO1ss

Enco Systems ENCO1ss

Apr 4, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Virtual automation control
ENCO1ss allows broadcasters to operate their ENCO DAD automation system in a virtualized environment by utilizing existing IP Audio technologies. Because the system has been virtualized, any station or studio can be controlled from anywhere via a thin client. While the first version used two specialized servers with failover software, the ENCO1SS uses a single fault tolerant server provided by Stratus. Stratus servers are known for their ultra-dependable operation and serve a wide range of industries including 15 of the top 20 telecom providers. The Stratus server eliminates the complexity of other high-availability solutions and provides seamless substitution of any failing hardware components to deliver uninterrupted automation operation. Running on VMware or HyperV, ENCO1SS provides true hardware mirroring so that failure is nearly impossible. ENCO and Stratus also promise proactive 24/7/365 monitoring of systems, ensuring overnight replacement of any system component if needed.

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