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More gems from NAB2004

More gems from NAB2004

Apr 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor

On-air control surface


Booth N2802

Generation 8: This control surface offers four faders dedicated to call-in segments to provide error-free interface to four callers or remotes, each with independent caller feed, independent fader feed, user-selectable talkback communication and adjacent channel linking. A dedicated LCD display screen keeps the operator informed and in control. One CAT-5 cable conveys all the control from this surface to the company’s Bridge System. Users can bring any system audio source (inputs or mixes) to any console fader or monitor pot. Set destinations for mixes, aux sends and mix-minus feedss to anywhere in the facility. The surface can store and name switch and fader settings for each operator’s task and recall them by spinning an encoder and pressing a take button.
252-638-7000; fax 252-637-1285;[email protected]

Audio workstation


Booth SL5913

dxb*200 and dxb*400: The two units share the same basic architecture and footprint. Both feature dual touch-screen interfaces, 96kHz operation, on-board automation and effects, 25 100mm Penny+Giles faders, configurable I/O card cage and a Firewire I/O card option for streaming to desktop or laptop computers. Both are compatible with select VST plug-ins and both integrate Mackie Control Universal functionality for controlling Pro Tools and Logic. The dXb*400, features a 96 � 96 channel I/O matrix and 72 channels of EQ and dynamics at 96kHz. The unit is also equipped with more advanced surround sound functionality that includes 24 buses, flexible panning assignment and complete surround monitoring features.
800-898-3211; fax 425-487-4337;;[email protected]

Studio monitor


Booth SL5913

S-8: The 8″ monitor is a two-way, bi-amplified monitor with dual high-precision internal amplifiers that deliver a total of 120W RMS. The speaker offers a 1″ waveguide-loaded silk-dome tweeter that provides smooth, non-fatiguing high end. Rear-panel controls allow for acoustic tailoring with low-frequency boost and high frequency cut and boost switches. Inputs include �” TRS/XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced. All rear-panel controls and connections are recessed into an amplifier panel. The front panel includes separate power and clipping LEDs.
425-487-4333; fax 425-487-4337;;[email protected]

Audio adapters


Booth N405

ASI5000: There are initially three products in this series. The ASI5044 provides four stereo inputs and outputs in balanced analog and AES/EBU digital formats. A digital-only version, the ASI5041, has four AES/EBU inputs and outputs and the ASI5042 has balanced analog I/O only. With the ASI5042 and ASI5044, the analog interface is balanced and uses 24-bit over sampling converters that support sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz. Low noise analog circuitry delivers more than 100dB of dynamic range with THD+N better than 0.002 percent. The transformer coupled AES/EBU interface on the ASI5041 and ASI5044 can operate at rates from 32kHz to 192khz. The card’s sample clock can be synchronized to any of the four AES/EBU inputs. A 200MHz on board DSP provides 12 play streams and eight record streams coupled to a mixer that allows any play stream or physical input to be mixed to any physical output or routed to any record stream.
302-324-5333; fax 302-738-9434;;[email protected]

Cellphone and mixer interface

Marti Electronics

Booth N1902

Cellcast Remote unit: This dual-function product is a GSM compatible Digital Cellcast digital mixer and cellular remote unit. The GSM upgrade completes the remote unit’s local compatibility with major cellular providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Cingular.
217-224-9600; fax 217-224-9607;[email protected]

Dual-transmission audio processor

Omnia Audio

Booth N1416

Omnia-5EX HD: Paired parallel processing paths, one optimized for conventional broadcasting and the other for DAB, webcasting and satellite systems, route processed audio from the multiband mixer section to discrete output stages. The FM section receives distortion-controlled final limiting with pre-emphasis, and an upper-frequency response of 15kHz. The DAB section features a program-adaptive look-ahead limiter and user-selectable frequency response up to 20kHz. New processing algorithms provide clear processing for solo voices and instruments. Bass management controls, with two bass limiter functions, tight and girth, allow users fine control over low frequency processing. Dynamic bass limiter algorithms can change waveform characteristics based on frequency, resulting in deeper bass on smaller speakers.
216-241-3343; fax 216-241-4103; [email protected]

Open-air headphones

Sennheiser Electronics

Booth N2812

HD 650: Based on the design of the HD 600, these dynamic open-air headphones combine a flat frequency response (10Hz to 39.5kHz, 0dB to -10dB) with natural dynamics. This model features an enhanced bass response and includes an upgraded cable and reduced distortion in the high frequencies, making it useful for editing and mastering applications. Additional features of this unit include matched trans-ducers with tight tolerances (���1dB), computer- optimized magnet systems for minimizing harmonic and intermodulation distortion, lightweight aluminum voice coils to ensure accuracy and fast transient response and Neodymium ferrous magnet systems for high efficiency.
860-434-9190; fax 860-434-1759;[email protected]

Voice processor


Booth N1610

Air Tools 6200: This dual-channel, DSP-driven voice processor can handle signal processing of microphone or line-level signals in dual-mono or stereo. Processing blocks are editable from the front panel or from a Windows-based GUI accessed via USB or Ethernet ports, and changes are stored in any of the 1,024 onboard preset locations. Processes include filtering, parametric equalization, compression, deessing, gating and room simulation. The processor also supports Homer Link, an interconnect protocol that makes it compatible with the Studio Matrix system.
425-787-3222; fax 425-787-3211;[email protected]

Wireless microphone system

Sennheiser Electronics

Booth N2812

Evolution Wireless G2: This second-generation mic offers broader switching bandwidth (3MHz), which in turn creates 1,440 channels available to the user. The bodypack transmitters and mobile receivers have been reduced in size by about 30 percent. The scan function automatically searches for free channels, and the system features intuitive user menu and large backlit displays. The unit also offers a new battery concept. The body-pack transmitters and mobile receivers are powered by two AA cells to ensure a longer operating time and stable RF performance. In addition, a powerful rechargeable battery pack, the BA 2015, is now available for the hand-held transmitter, the bodypack transmitter, the plug-on transmitter and the mobile receiver.
860-434-9190; fax 860-434-1759;[email protected]

Wall cabinet

Middle Atlantic Products

Booth SL2180

DWR series: This wall-mount cabinet features the Tool-Free Quick-Mount System, permitting easy and quick mounting of the center section to the backpan on the job site. Additional enhancements to the redesigned DWR series include cable management advancements, a new 24″ usable depth and optional granite gray powder coat. Advanced cable management capabilities are also an integral feature of the series, which comes in usable depths of 15″, 20″ and an additional new 24″. Two pairs of fully adjustable rackrails can be recessed to allow cable managers to be rack mounted. The series features lacing points throughout the center section and knockout universal connector panels on the backpan that can accommodate BNC, XLR and other connectors.
973-839-1011; fax 973-839-1976;;[email protected]

Data management system

Broadcast Electronics

Booth N1902

Audiovault RBDS: A software-based management system for advanced data services, this system includes data content management and encoding, and it can be adopted for IBOC applications. A traffic announcement function allows a station to cause RBDS radios to pause a listener’s CD or cassette in favor of radio programming so that the listener will tune into a station’s traffic announcements. The system will also show the alternative frequency function of RBDS that allows a listener driving out of a particular FM station’s geographic reach to be automatically tuned to the station’s secondary frequency in a nearby geographic region. The RBDS system comprises of content management, at the individual station via a local server on the station LAN, or for multiple stations/clusters via a central server.
217-224-9600; fax 217-224-9607;;[email protected]

Digital source selector


Booth C5236

RB-DSS10 and RB-SS10: The RB-DSS10 10-way digital source select unit is a 1RU 24-bit/96kHz-capable device that produces a single AES/EBU and S/PDIF level digital audio output from 10 selectable AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital input signals. The unit will also route remote signal inputs through the remote connector to the selected input source. The RB-SS10 10-way analog source select/mixer unit is similar to the RB-DSS10, but has analog audio inputs and outputs, and can also mix the inputs to the output as well as route them.
207-773-2424; fax 207-773-2422;;[email protected]

Audio workstation

Tascam/Teac Professional

Booth N2418

2488 Portastudio: This four-track, 24-bit, 36-channel workstation offers a capacious hard drive, powerful signal processing and built-in CD-RW drive. The recording and mixing workstation runs 24 tracks at 24-bits/44.1kHz. Eight inputs can be simultaneously recorded into the inputs. Twenty physical faders control the mixdown channels; each channel has three-band EQ and access to three built-in effects processors. A 40GB internal hard disk gives the user ample space for up to 32 24-track songs and virtual tracks for comping. Plus the 2488 has a USB 2.0 port for back-up via computer. Loop effect provides reverb, delay, chorus and more on an aux send and return.
323-726-0303; fax 323-727-7635;[email protected]

Energy storage system

Active Power

Booth C1217

Clean Source DC: This line of battery-free energy storage systems has been enhanced to include expanded power levels and incorporate several changes in the evolving product line. The models provide tightly regulated, adjustable dc voltage to replace or augment batteries configured with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems backing up critical applications in the 100kW to 2,000kW power ranges. These systems are available with unit power ratings of 100, 140, 200, 250, 425 and 500kW, and can be paralleled in combinations up to 2000kW. They accept an input float voltage from 400Vdc to 600Vdc to supply a charging current of 15A to 100A per flywheel.
512-744-9461; fax 512-836-4511;[email protected]

Extended-time profanity delay

Prophet Systems

Booth N3312

Content Check: The profanity delay equipment allows users to record, listen and edit programs while they are happening, tailoring the programs to the audience, market and time slot. With more than 60 minutes of user configurable delay, the equipment allows the user to edit more than seven to 20 seconds of content, users can remove the whole joke, bit or segment from the show. This product is configurable for uncompressed or compressed operation.
800-658-4403; fax 308-284-4181;;[email protected]

Sweeper/imaging service

TM Century

Short Bus Radio: is a sweeper/imaging service. It is available in five styles, each market-exclusive: active alternative rock, classic rock, CHR, country and news/talk. More formats will be available in the future.
972-406-6800; fax 972-406-6890;;[email protected]

Analog STL system

Armstrong Transmitter

Booth N706

X Link STL system: An analog STL system, the X Link is a 10W system that replaces the FML 10 system. The transmitter and receiver feature microprocessor control that evolves the FML10 to a user-friendly menu driven system. Frequency, power output, signal strength and all metered parameters are available on the front panel LCD display and via remote control. The system’s receiver is more sensitive making it useful for long STL paths. This system interfaces easily with the company’s two and four channel digital converters to allow a station to add digital audio to the analog platform. The transmitter and receiver operate on 24Vdc, 110Vac or 220Vac.
315-673-1269; fax 315-673-9972;[email protected]

Audio analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz

Booth C2532

R&S UVP: This is a compact instrument for all measurements occurring in the analog and digital audio world. Features include a digital audio interface with up to a 192kHz sampling rate, expanded measurement bandwidths and analysis tools. This unit can perform several measurement functions simultaneously, and presents the results in conclusive graphics that can be intuitively operated using the Windows operating system.
(301) 459-8800; fax (301) 459-2810

Tube mics

Pearl Microphone Labs

Booth N1300

CT40 and DT40: These tube microphones combine the classic Pearl rectangular dual capsule and quality Nuvistor vacuum tube resulting in a flat, warm sound. The CT40 has a fixed cardioid pattern while the DT40 can be configured for five patterns to accommodate a variety of recording situations. Both models are supplied with flight case, power supply, cable and shock-mount. Specifications of these mics include a sensitivity of 28mVPa; frequency response from 20Hz to 25kHz; and an impedance of 200O.
207-773-2424; fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]

Compact Flash recorder


Booth N3026

PMS670: This solid-state recorder offers a one-touch digital audio recording capability of more than 70 hours on 1GB Compact Flash cards. The unit can record in linear PCM and compressed MP3, MP2 and BWF audio formats using 40 assignable audio-quality settings. The recorder features a non-stop record function with four hours of battery life and includes an EDL marking system for creating new files on the fly during recording, providing easy file selection during playback. The system offers variable bit-rate recording with user-adjustable sampling rates from 16kHz to 48kHz. The recorder includes a USB connection that allows it to be linked to a PC or Mac for easy file transfer.
630-741-0330; fax 630-741-0652;[email protected]

Modular digital console


Booth N700

On-Air 3000: This console is aimed at the mid-to-upper-segment of the radio market. The console’s operating concept now includes color GUI screens. The system is a modular design and uses the new fanless S-Core DSP engine. The standard fader module is comprised of six channel strips. As many as eight modules may be fitted to provide a maximum console size of 48 faders. Layout options range from an engineer-operated continuity console to a single-fader panel for announcer and newsroom use or a PC-operated system with no physical desk controls. The console offers three main stereo mix buses and an audition facility, four stereo aux buses, 16 mix-minus sends configurable as auxes and three independent studio monitoring/talkback circuits, including two PFL circuits for split desk operation. Individual channels are each equipped with four-band parametric EQ, full dynamics, de-esser, HPF and input/output routing.
818-920-3212; fax 818-920-3208;[email protected];[email protected]

Cross-platform file sharing

Studio Network Solutions

Booth SL1762

SANmp: This multi-platform software allows workstations with different operating systems to concurrently access information from a Storage Area Network. With this software, users can upgrade to the latest OS or add Windows workstations to their Mac environment. In addition, the system does not require a server or Ethernet connection. Features include the ability to easily configure and manage the storage network, set access privileges at the user level, and share and access audio and graphics files from a centralized storage location. Another benefit is the ability to integrate Mac OS and Windows workstations, regardless of whether the systems are running Nuendo, Sonic HD, Final Cut Pro, Pyramix, Avid or Pro Tools.
877 537 2094; fax 314 423 4867

Mic boom

Heil Sound

Booth B2718

PL-2T: Using a system of balanced internal springs rather than outboard springs, the boom handles microphones up to 1.5lbs. The mic cable is threaded inside the boom by removing the top and back plates. This hollow channel eliminates the use of wire ties to secure the mic cable. The equipment is shipped with the standard C-clamp mount that will accept a 1.5″ thick table. An optional flush mount is available which screws to the top of a surface. The unit accepts ?”-27 threaded mic clips or shock mounts. The chrome-threaded stem can be locked into its position depending on the type of microphone or shock mount.
618-257-3000; fax 618-257-3001;[email protected]

Stereo display


Booth C3843

PT0600M: Sharing the same motherboard as the MSD600M++ surround sound meter, this unit combines the jellyfish surround display with a rotary control knob on the front panel, enabling it to act as the master volume control for speakers in stereo configurations. The meter is built into a half-rack width package.
+45 4485 0255; fax +45 4485 0250;[email protected]

PC mixer

Henry Engineering

Booth N1100

Studiodrive: This stereo audio mixer fits in the drive bay area of any PC. It features six inputs (one mic and five line), and has on-air and soundcard outputs. Sources can be mixed for a live broadcast or recorded and edited on the PC. There is also a built-in telephone coupler, a mix-minus output, and provision for remote mic control. The monitor system features automatic muting when the mic is on, plus control of on-air warning lights.
626-355-3656; fax 626-355-0077;[email protected]

Stand-alone automation system

Arrakis Systems

Booth N2022

Champion: This on-air workstation combines the company’s Digilink Xtreme software and the the Champ-6 workstation hardware. It features an embedded PC and audio playback system in a fanless unit. It has four stereo sound cards built in with play and record, analog and digital audio I/O and logic control for all four audio channels. It is Windows XP OS compatible with built-in networking for audio and schedule interfacing.
970-461-0730; fax 970-663-1010;[email protected]

Pro Tools effects plug-in


Booth N704

H3000 Bank Delays: The plug-in will provide Pro Tools users with the feature set and functionality of the Band Delays algorithm from the H3000 in a plug-in format. The plug-in features hot keys, which provide four editing controls, providing quick access to scalable multiple parameter manipulation of the four most important adjustments to the effect. The product also features eight tempo-based delays each with programmable resonant filters and independent panning controls.
201-641-1200; fax 201-641-1640;;[email protected]

Portable powered mixer

Soundcraft USA

Booth N1018

Gigrac: This integrated mixer-amplifier features eight input channels. The first four inputs are mono mic or line inputs. Inputs five through eight accept mono or stereo sources. Each input has a two-band equalizer. There is a seven-band master graphic equalizer on the output as well as a selection of preset digital effects. The model 300 has a single 300W power amp while the model 600 has two 300W power amps. The lid of the unit’s road-ready case is designed to stow microphones and cables. The mixer can be removed from its case for fixed installations. It occupies 4RU.
818-920-3212; fax 818-920-3208
[email protected]

Internet transmitter monitoring

Burk Technology


ARC-16 Web interface: Providing Web-based control and monitoring for the ARC-16 transmitter remote control system, all connected ARC-16 units can be linked to a single Web interface to allow site control from a standard Web browser on any networked PC. LAN/WAN capability provides users the means to control their sites via their local network, the company intranet or from anywhere using the Internet. The Web interface also sends alarm notifications by e-mail or SMS to any e-mail-enabled device. The interface needs only one serial connection to the ARC-16 for Web-based control of all connected units, and the connection from the Web interface to the system may be direct or via a full-time modem. This allows the user to install the system at the transmitter site, at the studio location or anywhere an Ethernet connection is available.
800-255-8090; fax 978-486-0081;[email protected]

Power conditioning system

Staco Energy Products

Booth C1211

Firstline: Protecting against voltage fluctuations, brownout conditions, harmonics and transient surges, this system isolates the connected load from the primary ac supply. The system can be configured for any 208, 400 or 480Vac application. It can handle an input voltage range of �20 percent, while holding output a tight regulation of �0.5 percent for balanced loads and �3 percent for unbalanced loads. It has a total harmonic distortion of less than 3 percent for linear loads, and less than 5 percent for non-linear loads. It also regulates frequency to a stringent �0.05 percent.
937-253-1191; fax 937-253-1723;[email protected]

Studio furniture


Booth C2014

Presto: The desk surface of this product is wide enough for large keyboard controllers, control surfaces or smaller mixers, while providing eight rack spaces in two bays within easy reach. The shelf above the rack spaces can hold computer monitors and nearfield monitors. The shelf below is available for a computer and storage. The dimensions of this unit are: height 37.13″, depth 31.38″, width 55.9″ weight 125lbs.
800-332-3393; fax 415-332-2607;;[email protected]

Music library

Manhattan Production Music

Booth C2545

Live Trax: Containing music performed by live studio musicians, the genres in this library span everything from cutting-edge rock to orchestral. New CDs will be created and distributed to subscribers. The library will be available for blanket and laserdrop music licensing, depending on the project. Some CDs will feature full songs with lyrics, allowing for a more soundtrack-like feel.
800-227-1954; fax 212-262-0814;;[email protected]

Audio router


Booth N1312

BC 2000 D Router: More than an audio switching router, this unit allows centralized or decentralized audio management, the link and communications of all studios, as many as 2,048 � 2,048 channels with no limitation of simultaneous connections. The unit offers a decentralized system linked by MADI connections between all the sub-racks. It handles digital, analog even microphone inputs and outputs, as well as non-audio signals such as Dolby E and MPEG. Its signal processing capability includes mixing, equalizations, filters, compression, expansion, limiting, reverb and delay. This product can be configured to be totally redundant, and it has automatic error correction capability, plus remote diagnostic and remote repair abilities. It may be used as an intercom router using dedicated panels.
954-581-7999; fax 954-581-7733;[email protected]

RF monitors


Booth N1426

Navigator 100, Navitgator 1000: These FM Navigators offer DSP technology, front panel LED display (10 characters) and navigation interface, RS232 serial link and antenna or MPX input/MPX output. The 100 FM features a GPS receiver, removable flash card for measurement and a loudspeaker. The Navigator 1000 is the same version as Navigator 100 without GPS. It is useful for monitoring RBDS subcarrier and decode RBDS data.
305-692-7555; fax 305-682-2233[email protected]

Composite Audio Switcher/DA

Broadcast Devices

Booth N2718

CDS-300 and CDS-302: These composite audio switcher distribution systems switch and distribute FM base band stereo, subcarrier, RBDS and SAP signals. The CDS-300 is a standard two-input switcher that accepts two composite inputs that can be distributed to two composite input exciters. The CDS-302 is identical in function to the CDS-300 but also features a silence sensor and automatic switching capability. Add one of four auxiliary modules available for both units and interface composite signals to AES digital equipment.
914-737-5032; fax 914-736-6916;;[email protected]