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New DRM features Exhibited at 2014 NAB Show

New DRM features Exhibited at 2014 NAB Show

Apr 11, 2014 9:56 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB AMD

Las Vegas – Apr 10, 2014 – DRM was on display at the NAB 2014 show. The latest enhancements to DRM transmission products were presented at various booths around NAB, including DRM Consortium members Ampegon, Continental Electronics, Nautel, RFmondial, Transradio, and others, according to DRM news.

DRM features EWF (Emergency Warning) and MPEG xHE-AAC (Extended High-Efficiency AAC, the latest MPEG audio codec added to the DRM system specification in January) could be explored and experienced by visitors to the Fraunhofer IIS booth. This new codec ensures good audio quality for both speech and music signals at very low bit rates (from 6kb/s on) and provides broadcasters with the opportunity to transmit three high-quality stereo services in a single FM band signal, two stereo channels on a single medium wave broadcast, or “FM-like” programs even on the most robust short wave transmissions.

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