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New Products (Jul 2006)

New Products (Jul 2006)

Jul 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

Portable recorder


PCM-D1: Designed to produce digital stereo recordings that are identical to the original master, the PCM-D1 is lightweight, free of all drive mechanisms, equipped with sensitive, built-in condenser mics and designed with circuits that process stereo sound with no extraneous noise. The unit features 96kHz/24-bit recording, 4GB internal flash memory, removable Memory Stick Pro high-speed storage and a built-in USB 2.0 port. The built-in condenser mic is in an X-Y configuration with low self-noise, high sensitivity and nearly 30kHz frequency response. It offers WAV file format capability and analog level meters with LED peak overload indicators.
fax 201-930-4752

Portable Circle Surround encoder

SRS Labs

CSE-06P: This encoder engineered to prepare 5.1- or 6.0- multichannel audio for recording on two-channel recorders. The unit includes a surround headphone-monitoring mode and SRS Headphone Pro, which accurately monitors discreet 5.1-channel mixes over conventional headphones. In addition to SRS Headphone Pro mode, the unit also offers monitoring of individual channels and monitoring of the SRS Circle Surround-encoded stream.
fax 949-442-1484

Plug-and-play software for UPS

MGE UPS Systems

Network Management Proxy: This plug-and-play software agent allows any of its uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to be interfaced with an Ethernet network at no extra cost. The NMP allows a UPS to be controlled over an existing network without adding a network management card. With the proxy software agent installed on a PC or server system that is connected to any MGE UPS via a USB or RS-232 port, users can monitor and manage the UPS remotely using a standard browser or a network management console. The NMP agent provides XML and SNMP protocols and can be operated in standard secure mode or in secure socket layer secure mode.
fax 714-557-9788
[email protected]

PCI Express sound cards

Audio Science

ASI6614, ASI6644: These sound cards use the next generation PCI Express (PCIe) bus. PCIe is an emerging interface that uses serial data interconnects that run at 2.5Gb/s. The single lane PCIe interface used in the ASI6600 series provides a peak throughput of more than 200MB/s. The sound cards offer a faster DSP, short-length PCI format, +24dBu analog levels, 96kHz sample rates and SSX multi-channel support. All the features of the ASI6000 range are also present, such as MRX multi-rate mixing, MPEG Layer II and Layer III encoding and decoding, TSX time scaling and Sound Guard transient voltage protection on all I/O. Four stereo inputs and outputs are provided on the ASI6644, while the ASI6614 features one stereo input and four stereo outputs. Hardware sample rate converters are present on all AES/EBU inputs and a dedicated AES/EBU and word clock sync input are also standard.
fax 302-738-9434
[email protected]

Microphone, limiter


RB-ML2: This stereo microphone and line-level limiter can operate in stereo or dual mono mode so it can be used as a stereo line limiter or dual mic limiter. Two mic/line inputs have independent gain, filtering and phantom power selection. The VCA limiter circuit can operate jointly on the signals (stereo mode) or independently (mono mode) and the characteristics of the limiter can be set via level threshold presets. The equipment offers line or mic level outputs so that it can be used in line with a mic input on a mixer or similar equipment.
fax 207-773-2422
[email protected]

Surround sound microphone


H3-D: Based on the company’s H2-Pro, this mic is a portable 5.1 multi-channel professional surround sound microphone. The mic provides a multi-directional pick-up pattern with 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response on five perimeter channels and a discrete LFE microphone located inside. The mic is phantom powered with an LED indicator. Attached to the mic is a 15′ cable that terminates in a six-pin Neutrik XLR connector.
fax 416-362-7780

Music library

Non-Stop Music Library This music search and download engine combines the look and feel of a physical CD collection with the search capabilities of an online library, providing access to 1,100 CDs with more than 35,000 tracks. Each MP3 track can be fully previewed and downloaded to the user’s desktop, where it can then be inserted into a project. A “projects” section allows the user to keep multiple music cues in project folders specifically designated for that project. To streamline the review and approval process, clients can be sent e-mails with metadata XML files that they can then open in Cuegle for access to the full MP3 files.
fax 801-531-0346
[email protected]

Multicast-capable tuner

Day Sequerra

M4SE: A broadcast quality tuner available with built-in multicast capability, the device includes synthesized, push-button tuning for AM and FM bands including multicast channels with 20 preset stations. Other features include optional proprietary Class-M audio output circuitry that delivers +4dBV on XLR connectors; transformer-isolated 110 ohms XLR for AES digital audio output 5.1 surround capable; a high current Class A headphone output with recessed gain control on the front panel; and a slim-line IR remote control. The unit can add an optional satellite radio or Internet streaming audio module.
fax 856-719-9903
[email protected]

Portable digital recorders

Sound Devices

702, 703T: These two-channel recorders share the field-tested chassis design of the 722 and 744T digital recorders. The 702 and 702T (with time code) are Compact Flash-only recorders. Features include simultaneous file writing to hard drive and Compact Flash, on-board Li-ion charging and weighing less than three pounds.
fax 608-524-0655
[email protected]

Wireless mic transceivers


TRX900, TRX990, TRX990A: The TRX900 and TRX990 provide integrated audio recording, IFB receivers and time code transmission. Users can record six hours of audio directly to a Flash card and then transfer the WAV files to a PC or Macintosh for postproduction. These transceivers feature integrated audio recording to eliminate the need for transmission between a microphone and external recording device, to provide audio unaffected by RF or EMI. RF remote control allows users to change the parameters of a microphone–such as mic gain, high-pass filter, or the selected channel–from up to 200′ away. Integrated RF remote control provides audio professionals with an added measure of control over the output of their productions.
fax 201-652-7776
[email protected]

Receiver, translator


TRO-1: This translator will convert any FM in-band signal, including FM analog and HD Radio, to another in-band frequency with a simple command through its RS-232 serial data I/O or front-panel control set. The unit cleans the signal of extraneous artifacts providing a better than 99 percent duplicate of the original signal. Through the use of NTP technology, extraneous noise can be removed from the modulated signal, without loss, while maintaining the integrity of the subcarriers, maximum stereo separation, full fidelity of the audio signal and complete sound stage accuracy.
fax 716-683-5421
[email protected]

Dual capsule mic

Marshall Electronics

MXL V67I: This dual capsule microphone incorporates large 1″ gold sputtered capsules. A red LED on both sides of the microphone indicates which side is currently active and is useful in low-light conditions. As a solid-state microphone, the device requires no external power supply. On the instrument’s back side is a 6dB attenuation switch that enables the microphone to better handle high sound pressure levels, along with a low frequency roll-off switch to compensate for proximity effect or to eliminate wind noise during outdoor recording.
fax 310-333-0688
[email protected]


Junger Audio Studiotechnik

Level Magic LT: Instead of front-panel hardware control for each unit, this stereo limiter uses a central GUI that can run on almost any Windows PC. It will provide the interface to several leveler units from one control point, thus eliminating the use of the front panels on individual Level Magic units.
+49 30 677 7210
fax +49 30 677 72146
[email protected]

Power combiners


FM Switchless Combiner Series: Ensuring that maximum output power is available at the antenna at all times, operators can switch under full power without interrupting on-air programming. This series combines or switches two transmitter inputs into a combined output or either transmitter to either output. Switch between modes by applying a signal to the required mode. Each unit’s positions are factory pre-set and performance optimized.
fax 201-767-4147
[email protected]

Headphone system

Broadcast Tools

Flexphone Master: Each of the six channels provides stereo program monitoring and selective talkback with interconnection via CAT-5 cable. The system is equipped with inputs for stereo program and talkback audio. The mic/line talkback input is available via a rear panel plug-in Euroblock connector, while the front-panel XLR connector facilitates the use of a user provided gooseneck mic or headset. The front panel is equipped with a level control for local headphones with 1/4″ and 1/8″ stereo headphone jacks. The talkback function can be remotely controlled. Six RJ-45 jacks are provided to distribute audio and power via CAT-5 cable.
fax 360-854-9479
[email protected]

Monitor headphones


ATH-Pro700SV: Featuring a low-profile, closed-back dynamic (circumaural isolation) design, the headphones can handle high SPLs. These headphones are equipped with neodymium magnet systems, large-aperture drivers, CCAW voice coils, rotating earpieces and OFC oxygen-free copper cable. A coiled cable at the left earpiece terminates to a mini plug with included 1/4″ adapter. Other features include 3,500mW of power handling, 53mm diameter drivers and 1/8″ stereo connector.
fax 330-686-0719
[email protected]

Multichannel effects processor


H8000FW Ultra-Harmonizer: This processor offers nearly 1,600 presets with Firewire. The device features Monolithic Tandem, which allows both processors to operate together, facilitating large complex algorithms, including 5.1 reverb and effects or eight channels of discreet processing. The processor features eight channels of digital audio I/O via AES/EBU, ADAT, and Firewire, all 24-bit/96kHz. The H8000FW incorporates the expanded analog I/O featured in the H8000A, which consists of four channels of analog I/O with a dynamic range of >110dB. The H8000FW also includes PC and OS X graphic preset development tools.
fax 201-641-1640
[email protected]

Right angle cable connector


XX series: Available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-pole configurations, the connector features a rotatable insert and offers the same features found in Neutrik’s other XX-series products. The series offers a female connector with cage type contacts, “solder stop” for easy soldering and additional ground contact for the best contact integrity between chassis and cable connector. The male connector comes without a locking window; more stringent housing. It is housed in a rugged diecast shell in sleek and ergonomic design.
fax 732-901-9608
[email protected]

Analog audio meter

Dorrough Electronics

Series III: This meter features 24 bit/96kHz sample rate analog to digital (A/D) conversion and high stability reference for A/D, 0.1dB drift, zero to 40 degrees C. The digital signal processor-based design with full double precision offers 32-bit math throughout. The meter also features a three-speed phase correlator display and a natural noise floor at -88dBdFS. It provides a full duplex RS-232 communications port for changing meter operation, alarm set points and monitoring alarm activity (connect to user PC or notebook PC). It also features an extensive alarm capability: over level, under level, phase steady state tone detector and audio clipping detector.
fax 818-998-1507
[email protected]

Antenna control system


ACS-100: A one-button control of the ACS-100 will provide all of the steering logic, interlock and status for multiple switch applications. Control one to four switches simultaneously for mode control of multiple switch installations. A LCD display shows status of events including a time/date stamp of each event. The system features front panel control of status and user programmable parameters. It provides remote interlock A and B path closures for one to four antenna switches.
fax 812-925-4030
[email protected]

Multi-channel audio archiving/logging

Axia Audio

Iprofiler: This logger works with Axia IP-Audio networks to capture and store as many as 16 stereo audio channels (or 32 mono channels) of time-stamped MP3 audio without audio cards. The system uses a computer’s Ethernet port to record audio streams directly. The logger can be used to log on-air programming, store-and-forward network audio feeds and automatically construct air checks. This product supports MP3 compression bit rates from 8kb/s to 320kb/s. A 300GB hard drive can hold more than three years of audio. Audio segments can be automatically backed-up as they are created to a network drive or a remote FTP server. Multiple backup locations can be specified.
[email protected]

Music scheduling software


Gselector: Gselector incorporates today’s technology and workflow patterns to create music logs. It includes cross-channel protection to automatically identify and adjust music schedules across a group of stations so none of them play any song simultaneously. Each song’s audio can be accessed and auditioned. Research score can be automatically uploaded directly to the system so the next time it schedules it takes into consideration the new test data. The system is also Web-ready so users can schedule or make programming changes over the Internet and hear the results on the air in minutes. The software was created with the .NET 2.0 platform and SQL Server 2005 technologies from Microsoft. The product is available by barter to U.S. radio stations and via other agreements internationally.
fax 914-428-5922
[email protected]

Powered speaker


MSR400: A two-way speaker system with a 12″ cone woofer and a 2″ titanium compression driver, the active electronics include a two-band equalizer and a master level control. The biamplified system delivers 300W to the woofer and 100W to the tweeter. The cabinets are made of polypropylene and include a pole mount. The input level ranges from -36dB to +4dB to accept mic or line-level signals. Three parallel-connected connectors � two balanced XLR-type connectors and one balanced phone jack � provide flexible connection options. A power indicator is provided, as well as a clip indicator to warn of possible clipping.
fax 714-522-9522

Digital radio FM combiner


RCHA-323-10HD: This digital FM radio combiner provides high levels of isolation and properly sized inputs for analog and digital FM transmitters. Effective self-cooling techniques provide safe combining without the need for ac-powered cooling fans. Jampro can provide the combiner for use with station provided coax and reject load, or as a system with these components included for quick installation.
fax 916-383-1182
[email protected]

Ethernet-to-fiber converter


Lightviper EF2: The 1RU converter will accept two channels of 10/100 Ethernet via two RJ-45 connector/receptacles and then convert the signals to two fiber optic transmit and receive pairs. It will operate in three configurations: standard Ethernet using transmit and receive pairs, two channels of single direction Ethernet or as a combination of both modes. The device features an internal, auto-switching ac power supply and the option of being powered by an external 9 to 18Vdc supply.
fax 301-604-0773

Management via PC

Burk Technology

Autopilot Plus: The system uses a LAN/WAN connection to bring the Arc Plus network to a computer screen. The system can connect to each network simultaneously. Use its report tools to create detailed, customized reports. Custom views add a new level of flexibility to the user interface. Place meters, status indicators and controls anywhere on the screen. Autopilot calls attention to alarm conditions. An on-screen message alert notifies users of new alarms as they happen. Features: customizable user inface for drill-down display; create, view, print detailed reports using logged data; manage unlimited Arc Plus sites via PC; multiple privilege tiers for multi-user environments and LAN/WAN and dial-up modem connectivity.
fax 978-486-0081
[email protected]

Micro monitors


MA-10D, MA-10DBK: Listen to any source- � analog or digital � through these compact powered audio monitors. Connect digital sources such as computers, MP3 players, Minidiscs, DAT machines, CD players and cassette decks. High resolution 24-bit/96kHz D/A converters provide detail and dynamics. The speakers feature 10w + 10w stereo amplifier powers on both monitors; RCA plus optical/coaxial S/P DIF input jacks; and two-way bass-reflex enclosure.
fax 360-594-4271
[email protected]

Headphone with mic


HFI-700: The DPA 4088 cardioid or DPA 4066 omni mic is joined to the headphones with an articulating mount and disconnect that allows for stable positioning and quick field changes. The 6′ cable terminates to a fan out with a 1/4″ stereo plug for monitoring and a three-pin female XLR for the mic. Five volt to 50V phantom power is required for the mic. Custom cable length and connector termination is available. The DPA mic specs include a frequency range of +/-2dB: 2-Hz-20kHz; sensitivity, nominal, +/-2dB: 6mV/Pa; and a total harmonic distortion: 123dB SPL peak (<1 percent THD), 120dB SPL sine (<1 percent THD).
fax 615-599-5493



Z-Noise: This plug-in is based on a new algorithm that reconceptualizes the way noise is treated. The plug-in includes dynamic noise profiling, transient preservation and increased low frequency resolution. The system provides a five-band EQ interface. An “adaptive” mode reduces noise that changes over time.
fax 865-546-8445

Radio station and podcaster

World Vibrations

WVRS-P: The new World Vibrations Radio Station and Podcaster is a studio-quiet device about the size of a VCR that allows users to develop, manage and operate a live or automated radio station over the Internet, or over the air if properly licensed, while simultaneously producing and uploading individual podcasts. Users can capture live programming as it is broadcast for later podcasting or produce separate podcasts offline, integrating music, jingles and other material already stored on the unit while the radio station runs other content uninterrupted in automation-mode in the background. Once the podcast program is produced and edited, the system automates the creation and upload of the MP3s and XML pages needed to publish podcasts.
[email protected]

Low-power FM transmitter

Teracom Components

Quicksite: The Quicksite FM radio is a compact, fully equipped station containing a FM transmitter, an antenna system and all the components needed to begin broadcasting simply by plugging the unit into a standard power outlet. The standard FM radio station comes with a 100W transmitter producing 270W of ERP and a two-dipole, vertically polarized antenna system featuring omni-directional propagation with preferred direction. Various other transmitters, antennas and options are available, including a separate Yagi-Uda antenna for receiving feed signals and allowing the unit to be used as a transposer. The unit can be fed by virtually any source, and can be connected to existing antenna systems as an alternative to the integrated system.
fax 207-627-7473

Condenser mic


KSM9: This mic offers cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns. It features a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz; sensitivity is typical at 1,000Hz; 1Pa=94dB SPL -51 dBV/Pa; maximum SPL at 1,000Hz and 2,500 ohms loads 153dB; and a S/N ratio of 72dB. The mic is constructed of all metal die-cast.
fax 847-600-1212
[email protected]