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New Products (Jun 2004)

New Products (Jun 2004)

Jun 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

New products from Acoustica, Behringer, Bomar, Digidesign, EXH, Heil Sound, Hollywood Edge, Intelix, Neutrik Test Instruments and Total Training.

Audio analyzer Neutrik Test Instruments (NTI)

Audio analyzer
Neutrik Test Instruments
Acoustilyzer AL1: The extended functionality of this analyzer includes acoustical measurements such as sound level metering with LEQ, SEL and short-time LEQ; real-time frequency analysis in 1/1, 1/3 octave bands; FFT analysis down to 1Hz resolution; and reverberation time measurements RT60 and delay measurements.
fax 514-344-5221
[email protected]

Instructional DVD
Total Training
Adobe Audition training: With multitracking capability to record, mix and edit sessions with as many as 128 stereo tracks, Total Training Presents: The Essentials of Adobe Audition offers four hours of instruction on two DVDs. The instructor walks users through the full scope of Audition’s advanced audio capabilities, from quickly constructing soundtracks with convenient looping tools, to creating high-quality effects, to using the program’s mastering tools to finalize your audio mixes.
fax 760-517-9060
[email protected]

Mixing control surface
Command 8: This control surface from Digidesign and Focusrite provides a space-efficient unit with faders, rotary encoders, displays and dedicated transport controls that enable users to build their Pro Tools mixes with the hands-on feel. A USB connection facilitates communication between the unit and a PC or Mac, while its built-in MIDI ports (1 in/2 out) comprise a MIDI interface. Each of the unit’s eight bankable channels of controls includes a touch-sensitive fader, an automatable rotary encoder with an LED ring and a channel meter. The onboard analog monitor section eliminates the need for an additional audio mixer. The monitor section features two +4/-10 independently selectable stereo inputs (balanced or unbalanced), stereo speaker outputs (also +4/-10), and a separately controlled headphone amp, providing the monitoring flexibility needed to keep an ear on a sessions’ development.
fax 650-842-7999
[email protected]

Mic/line mixer
8002MCB-FP: With the upgrade of this front-panel control mic/line mixer, features now include eight inputs by two outputs, bus selectors per channel, low cut filter and front-panel channel gain and mic/line pad. The mixer was designed for broadcast vehicles and other applications where rear-access to the mixer is limited. Eight-channel, dual bus mic/line mixing, studio quality compression and limiting, actively balanced inputs and outputs, a dual-function LED VU meter, phantom power, a headphone out, ac or dc power and XLR connectors are also features of this product.
fax 608-831-1833

Crimp connector for coax
Crimp RCA Connector: These crimp-on plugs can be used on RG59 and RG6 style coaxial cable. The connector is the latest addition to the Specialty Broadcast Connector series of 75-ohm devices. Manufactured of machined brass with heavy nickel plating, these corrosion-resistant interconnects feature gold-plated, semi-captive contacts for durable, long-lasting connections. Additionally, the connectors’ shielding technology provides isolation from EMI and RFI interference. A crimp tool is also available.
fax 973-347-2111
[email protected]

Multi-track recorder
Mixcraft: Mixcraft is a Windows program that allows multitrack recording into a PC. Multiple tracks of audio can be edited with cut and paste, and effects such as reverb and EQ can be added. Productions can be burned to a CD. Mixcraft’s 32-bit sound engine supports recordings at CD quality and above. Each track has its own pan, volume and effects, including reverb, delay/echo, EQ, compression, flanger and chorus. The maximum number of tracks is only limited by the processing power of the computer. The software also offers looping tools and can use loops from existing loop libraries.
fax 559-692-2214

Large-diaphragm condenser mic
Hollywood Edge
E49: A remote variable-pattern tube mic, this product uses Soundelux’s KK47 large diaphragm capsule. The output transformer provides a correct impedance match to any mic preamp input and offers lower intermodulation distortion and improved frequency linearity in the low and middle frequencies. The mic features a double shock mounting system that includes a capsule-to-electronics shock assembly and a separate capsule and electronics package shock mount. The included universal outboard power supply has a continuous variable polar pattern control that adjusts from figure-of-eight to cardioid and then to full omni-directional.
fax 323-603-3245
[email protected]

Broadband optimization service
B-Bop: B-Bop is an acronym for broad-band optimization and allows a broadcaster to upgrade an existing rigid coaxial transmission line to broadband performance without replacing it. The process begins with a set of measurements of the transmission line that provides a set of baseline data from which a mathematical model can be generated. This model then calculates the physical dimensions of line sections that, when inserted into the transmission line run, will break up the addition of reflections from the flange joints. This, combined with the short lengths of the line sections, allows a rigging team to make the modifications using only the tower elevator, thus eliminating the time and expense of having to rig the tower with a winch.
[email protected]

Two- and three-conductor mic cable
Heil Sound
Heil Wire: This specialized cable is specifically for use in interfacing balanced audio lines from a professional audio mixer into the transmitter input. The cable can also carry the dc control lines from a push-to-talk circuit or a computer keying system. This wire can reduce the capacitive coupling between these two signals and shield the audio lines from the outside RF environment to reduce interference that the transmitter may create. This product contains two 18-gauge audio leads residing in a silver-braided shield. Along the side of this shield is another pair of 18-gauge control wires that can carry the push-to-talk circuits and keep the dc components away from the ac audio signals. The outer jacket is a PVC jacket that fits into the cable clamp system of the eight-pin Foster plug.
fax 618-257-3001
[email protected]

Europower EP1500 and EP2500: These two-channel amps can operate in parallel or bridged mono modes and feature an independent limiter for each channel, selectable low-frequency filters and high-current Toroid transformers. The EP1500 yields 2 x 700W into 2Ohm and 1,400W into 4Ohm in mono bridged mode, while the EP2500 model provides 2 x 1,200W into 2Ohm and 2,400W into 4Ohm in mono bridged mode. Each amp is equipped with a back-to-front ventilation system, including an air filter with automatically adjustable fan speed and balanced XLR and 1/4 inch TRS inputs.
fax 425-673-7647
[email protected]


Audemat-Aztec has added new features to the FMB80 RDS generator with scrolling PS and radio text messages display. An internal scheduler has also been added.

Eventide has added a 40-second delay option to the BD500 profanity delay. Most existing units can be upgraded.

HHB has introduced new software for its PDR2000 Portadrive eight-track location audio recorder. Version 1.2 operating system software upgrade adds enhanced interoperability with other systems and adds the ability to simultaneously record to an external disc, enhanced metadata support and Ethernet data transfer.

Orban has released Version 3.0 software for the Optimod-AM 9200. The software adds two new presets and the necessary DSP changes to support them. It is complemented by improved PC Remote Control software, which increases connection reliability over modems and adds Ethernet connectivity when used with a third-party Ethernet-to-serial-device.

RCS Mobile has announced the exclusive availability of the SMS short code 22022 and other short codes to radio station programmers in the United States. RCS expects that short codes will open a new avenue of messaging to and from radio station listeners. The codes allow a simple way to get instant input from the thousands of mobile phone users.