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Sample and Hold: Revenue Generation

Sample and Hold: Revenue Generation

Dec 1, 2010 1:00 AM

Wheatstone recently sponsored a progress report entitled “Revenue Generating Radio Technologies,” which surveyed the radio industry’s technical managers. One interesting tidbit from the report was that revenue-generating technology that most group owned stations plan on deploying next is a mobile app, while for stand-alone stations, it is broadcasting in HD Radio, with mobile apps coming in a close second. At any rate, radio stations are definitely branching out when it comes to content delivery.

Source: Althea Research

Do You Remember?: Microphones

We look back at some classic mics….

December 2010

A look at future mic technology; station visits to Ponca City, OK, and Carthage, MO; ideas on starting a contract engineering business; and Field Reports on the Yamaha W24 and Dartware Intermapper….