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Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 Combines Radio, Internet, Mobile TV

Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 Combines Radio, Internet, Mobile TV

Feb 24, 2012 8:00 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Seoul and Oslo – Feb 22, 2012 – Samsung Electronics and International DMB Advancement Group (IDAG) have launched digital radio, mobile TV and Internet services with the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0. The device will be available from April 2012 in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Norway and South Africa. According to Samsung: “Combining broadcasting and the Internet in the same product introduces a range of new possibilities that can strengthen radio and TV programs and widen their appeal among audiences. Digital radio via DAB/DAB+ or Mobile TV via DMB is currently available in more than 40 countries globally, and expects to extend to other countries.”

Many European governments are planning for the eventual replacement of FM with DMB/DAB+. This creates a huge potential demand as millions of traditional FM radios will need to be replaced or upgraded to DMB/DAB+.

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