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Sonifex Hand-Built Mixer

Sonifex Hand-Built Mixer

Jul 1, 2010 12:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Sign Off, July 2010

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Marcus Brooke, managing director of Sonifex; Mark Goodwin, chairman of Hospital Radio Bedford (HRB); and Chris Stills, technical director of Sonifex with the Sonifex mixing console used by HRB since 1978.

Hospital Radio Bedford (HRB) is a registered charity that started broadcasting from a 12’x10′ room in Bedford Hospital, Bedfordshire, UK, on June 28, 1975. It now has three large studios, a record library and a reception area in the main hospital building. In 1978, HRB commissioned Sonifex to hand-build a mixer for its studio. The mixer has been used almost every day, has undergone three studio relocations, and after 30 years of service (with dedicated care and maintenance from the HRB studio engineers) was still going strong. Last year, as replacement parts were no longer available for the console, HRB decided to replace the aging mixer with a new Sonifex S2- digital I/O analog radio broadcasting split mixer. As the original console was still in such good condition, it was decided that it should be returned to Sonifex for posterity.

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