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Sonifex RB-DDA22

Sonifex RB-DDA22

Sep 7, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Digital audio distribution amp

A digital audio distribution amplifier with multiple inputs and outputs, the RB-DDA22 is designed to accept one of five different digital inputs, amplify it and output this to 22 digital audio outputs in five different audio formats, accepting signals with sample rates in the range of 32kHz to 192kHz. The inputs include balanced AES3 on an XLR socket, unbalanced AES3-ID on BNC, balanced AES3 on an RJ-45 socket, unbalanced S/PDIF on a phono socket and a TOSlink optical connection. Outputs consist of: six balanced AES3 on XLR plugs, six professional unbalanced AES3-ID on BNCs, six balanced AES3 on RJ-45 sockets, two unbalanced S/PDIF on phono sockets and two TOSlink optical outputs, giving 22 outputs in total, 12 balanced and 10 unbalanced.
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