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Photo of the Week: Deeya in the Morning

Deeya McClurkin does a morning show on Akron’s WONE in 1987

Grab your smartphone or camera and send us a photo that captures the fun, romance, history and excitement of being in radio. Email us with “Photo of the Week” in the subject line.

Intrepid Dan Slentz sends us this great retro photo from a past job. “Ahhh, memories! Deeya ‘McKay’ McClurkin, one of the few women in the nation to ever lead a morning show on a rock station, doing mornings on WONE(FM) 97.5 Akron/Cleveland/Canton, Ohio.”

Concerning the equipment in this circa 1987 photo Dan says: “To Deeya’s left are Sony’s first generation ‘broadcast’ CD players. We were one of the first stations using CDs back in ’85 (when it was hard to get CDs!). There’s a Sennheiser mic, Burk remote (I think), Telos phone system, Technics turntables, and one reel-to-reel out of view for recording phone callers and the gratuitous Sunday morning public affairs programming. Across from Deeya was a second Sennheiser mic for guests, plus a news booth.”

Dan adds, “This was WONE’s second studio on S. Hawkins Road in Akron. Today, the station is in its third or fourth home since we put it on the air Jan. 1, 1985 (‘Old Time Rock & Roll’ by Bob Seger was our first song at 6 a.m.). Fred Anthony was our GM and our sister stations were WAKR(AM) 1590 and WAKR(TV) (when we were on Copley Road in Akron in an old theater). The station is now owned by Thom Mandel and is part of the Rubber City Radio Group.”

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