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2011 Tower Site Calendar Now Available

Unique broadcast calendar features a dozen transmission sites from across North America

Scott Fybush is back with his Tower Site Calendar, 2011 edition. Fybush has once again gathered up a dozen of his photos of unique broadcast towers and sites of multiple towers and packaged them into a wall calendar suitable for adorning any transmitter shack, engineer pen or the dorm room of an electronics student. Most of the featured sites are for radio stations.

This year’s collection statuesque beauties range from a 60-year old tower in Lowell, Mass., to Tiger Mountain near Seattle, and from a site outside Tucson, Ariz. to a tower atop Stone Mountain, near Atlanta. There’s plenty in between and even a trip to Tijuana to boot.

Fybush noted, no doubt hoping to goose sales, “For many people, they are a popular holiday gift.” The calendars are $18 with some taxes attached for a total of $19.44.