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‘Action News’ Format Creator Frank Magid Dies

His research firm advises radio, too

Frank Magid, a media consultant credited for creating TV’s “Action News” format and encouraging the development of “happy talk,” died of lymphoma this week. Magid was 78 years old.

“His research said viewers wanted hard news mixed with health, consumer and life-style stories, presented in a highly-visual, fast-paced broadcast by people whom viewers liked,” wrote the Washington Post in its obituary.

He launched his company, Frank N. Magid Associates, in 1956. In the early days of FM, he advised AM radio stations to get into FM.

Now based in Minneapolis, the privately-held company has roughly 200 employees and advises all types of media. Magid retired in 2002 and his son Brent took over the company.

Frank Magid is survived by his wife, two sons, a brother and four grandchildren.