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‘Coroner’s Report’ Is New Dead-Air Software

'Coroner's Report' Is New Dead-Air Software

A Minnesota company founded by Jeff Wilson is offering a product called Coroner’s Report.
Wilson was co-founder of Digital Audio Labs, Minnetonka Audio Software and Sonic Studio. His new firm is called Fifty Thousand Watt Software.
The software alerts the appropriate person if a station goes off the air; it watches streaming audio from an Internet radio station or an audio input to the computer soundcard. When the sound card goes dead, it calls a cell phone or a pager. If the phone call is not answered, it can be programmed to leave a “voicemail” message of identifying tones or clicks.
The user can define what audio level and what length of dead time will trigger the alarm. Coroner’s Report uses the computer’s modem card to call out, which the company says eliminates the need for special hardware. For Internet radio, the software tunes into the station and starts the audio stream.
A 30-day demo is available for download at the company’s site. Coroner’s Report runs under Windows XP.