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A Coast to Coast AM Christmas

George Noory will be working through the holidays

George Noory, host of Premiere Networks-syndicated overnight program “Coast to Coast AM,” promises to be working on all those holidays where everyone else is taking the day off. He’ll be on the air Christmas Eve (Will Kris Kringle listen in while he delivers presents? Maybe he could call in.); Christmas day; New Year’s eve and New Year’s day.

“There are lots of people out there who don’t have a family, so the holidays can be particularly hard for them. My audience is like family, and I made a pledge to them over 10 years ago now that we would provide live programming during the holidays. I think that’s something they truly appreciate.” Now that’s Christmas spirit.

So what does George and his crew going to have for the listeners? “We have a lot of fun things planned — from great guests, to bizarre and weird Christmas stories from around the world, to predictions for 2014. It’s going to be a great time!”