A Codec for Me and a Codec for Thee

AES panel to discuss scalability
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The upcoming AES Convention in New York, Oct. 9–12, will feature a panel of codec experts, perhaps to be known as "codexperts," examining various codec schemes.

Entitled "Scalable Audio Coding — Pleasing All of the People All of the Time?" the gathering will focus on the "scalability" factor, or rather factors. Codec scalability is becoming an important issue as destinations, with varying and possibly conflicting demands and pathways, for audio multiply. Can one codec work for everyone?

Panelists will be led by the always affable Jonny McClintock of APTX. He will be joined by Rick Beaton of DTS, Jürgen Herre of Fraunhofer IIS, Gary Spittle of chipmaker CSR and David Trainor of APTX.


Show Me the Public File

Although a majority of Missouri radio stations complied with Public Inspection File requests in a recent study, one in five licensees failed to produce Issues-Programs Lists upon demand during station visits.