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NAB newsletter readers are skeptical about Sirius XM's future
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Roughly a quarter of the respondents to an informal NAB reader poll think reinstitution of the Fairness Doctrine will be a top priority in the Obama administration.

NAB's SmartBrief newsletter said about 23% of respondents listed that as a likely top Obama priority. The highest ranking media initiative was network neutrality, at 28%.

Readers were pessimistic about the likelihood that Sirius XM will be in business at this time next year; the newsletter said about 49% of respondents said no and about 47% said yes.

The newsletter asked readers about Arbitron's PPM commercialization. "Rollouts are scheduled for 2009 and 2010. Is the system working?" About 60% said preliminary results indicate that PPM provides a "good measure of radio audiences." The rest were divided between no opinion; that it was hard to say because sample sizes are too small; and no because PPM undercounts youth and minorities.

In television, 52% of its readers told NAB that the transition to all-digital TV broadcasting will have "isolated problems, but [be] successful overall." About a third expect "widespread technical glitches," and one in 10 expects "total calamity." Only 3% thought it would go without a hitch.


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